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There and back Again - Excalibur's Blog

By Excalibur - 24th December 2015 - 09:54 AM

...there and back again...

Now...where to begin...?

Ah, yes...Middle-earth...

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Middle-earth...a magical world we had the chance to experience not only through the novels, but the top-notch movies as well. That world was ingrained into our minds and still hasn't seemed to fade away even after all those years...but why?

This magical world we saw suddenly became interactable. BFME gave us the chance to be closer to the creatures of Middle-earth by controlling and utilizing their powers. The feeling of commanding your favorite heroes and the most vicious and vile forces of Middle-earth along with the perfect voices, characters, objects, and sounds we loved from the movies, we were given everything we could ask for in order to dig deeper into Middle-earth.

It's a shame that this game "officially" died too early. It never had proper support or the enormous player base that mainstream games possess. But the BFME sections on Gamereplays were much more alive than the forums of other "more active" games. The forums kept the game alive. It wasn't an easy task since the forums sometimes struggled with low activity as well, but with a dedicated community nothing can be forgotten and this game will never stop being played.

The uniqueness of this game is hard to describe. RotWK was not just another LotR or a simple RTS game. It was something far more. It brought a lot of controversial things into the strategy genre and was so hard to leave behind.

How many times have we been around then away? How many times have we returned to this game? How many times have we said that RotWK is over for us? Well, no matter how many times we have said that, here we are again.

But why do we keep doing this? Obviously the game offers something that is hard to give up. It's been nearly 10 years since the LoTR movies were out. Everyone said that the magic of LoTR would not last long especially on a video game with so many flaws by its developing company. Yet, everyone seems to be wrong because this game is more alive than ever.

No one can deny that the lack of time for many of us have pushed us away from this game to an extent, but not entirely. Some players are still around even though they can't play and some find some time to play a game or two.

Eventually, I think I understand why we keep coming back to this game. No matter how many times you are going to trample a battalion, clump against a building, use a certain spell, summon a Balrog, you can never get enough. This game has so much depth in it that even after so many years you still can't fully enjoy the best of it. This is how this game survives...and will survive forever.

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Now, go my friends if you must but remember this. The fellowship of the ring binds our friendship so no goodbyes and no farewells. We will meet again, in the forums, in a FFG game, in a clanwars game anywhere. We will meet again...

...there and back again.

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