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RotWKreplays.org Map Contest

By MauHúR - 1st March 2017 - 22:37 PM

Come, gather here, Architects of Middle-earth! Now is the time for you to shine as we host the first rotwkreplay.org map contest. Sign up and show the RotWK community your skills with Worldbuilder, and seize the opportunity to have your map featured in the upcoming 2.02 patch and T3A 1v1 ladder map pool.

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The Procedure

1. Every participant must submit 1 map before the 01.04
2. A map testing tournament will be hosted at the weekend of 01.04-02.04
3. The community will be given the opportunity to rate the maps based on 3 criteria (Aesthetics / Design, "Playability" / Balance, Creativity / Uniqueness) on a scale of 1-10 for a period of 5 days.
4. The map with the most points will be announced as the winning map.

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The Rules

We are looking for a 1v1 skirmish map, so in order to submit one it must have:
  • An EA-style minimap
  • A loading picture
  • Gollum scripts
  • AI farm templates
  • A zoom of 480
  • A short description of the map and your idea behind its features
  • Only vanilla textures and objects
Scripts and map.inis that add small strategical features or visual improvements are welcome but they should not be too wild.

Please post your maps here!

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The Prize
  • The winner's map will be featured in patch 2.02.
  • The winner's map will be featured in the T3A ladder pool (once it is ready).
  • A Mapper Excellence Award from GameReplays to decorate your profile.
  • An Amazon gift coupon of 40€
  • And last but not least, exposure for every participants' work through the tournament and its livestreams
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The Tournament

Will be a standard 1v1 tournament with 16 participants, more details will be announced after the 3rd week of the submission phase has ended.

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For the novice mappers who have a nice idea but not a ton of experience with Worldbuilder, be sure to check out our mapping guides and try your luck!
For any additional questions, feel free to pm me:

Go to the sign ups and discussion here!