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The RotWK Map Contest 2 - Sign Ups

By MauH˙R - 7th May 2018 - 01:41 AM

The fabulous Rise of the Witch-King Map Contest returns, promising once more to deliver not only fantastic maps but also an exciting testing tournament on its creations.

While the first contests entries have shown a good variety in layout and design, we decided to take it a step further this year and assign each brave participant a specific map theme.

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Like previous year, we are again looking for a 1v1 skirmish map, so in order to submit one it must have:
  • An EA-style minimap
  • A loading picture
  • AI farm templates
  • A zoom of 480
  • A short description of the map and your idea behind its features
  • Only vanilla textures and objects
Scripts and map.inis that add small strategical features or visual improvements are welcome but they should not be too wild.

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The Procedure is just a simple as last year:
  1. You Sign up
  2. Your map theme gets assigned to you (the themes will be randomly drawn in a livestream aswell as announced in the topic)
  3. You submit your map until June the 7th
  4. The Testing Tournament is being held from June the 11th-17th
  5. The Community rates the maps in 3 categories (Aesthetics/Design, Playability/Balance, Creativity) for a period of 7 days
  6. The winner is determined
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For the novice mappers who would like to give it a try but dont have a ton of experience with Worldbuilder, be sure to check out our mapping guides and try your luck!

Once finished, the maps must be submitted here

For any additional questions, feel free to pm the hosts of this event:

Also join the 2.02 Discord group: https://discord.gg/NaEU5aa
And TheDestroyer001s community: https://discord.gg/bwXfuuu

Go to the sign-ups and discussion here