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'Sassy' Tournament Announced!

By Motoma - 23rd January 2019 - 08:57 AM

New 1v1 Tournament Announced!

Well folks, with the sun having risen on a new year, it’s time for a new tournament from a new referee! After hosting many succesful, and somewhat quirky tournaments on the 2.02 Discord, the self proclaimed lord of fanciness™, King Thranduil has joined the staff here at GameReplays!

That’s right, Get your Loreal on and flip that hair, ‘cause the sass will be taken to the 1v1 field in THE 💃 SASSY 💄 CUP 💋 !

Continuing Thran's tradition of more accessible tournaments, this tournament is open to all new players and low to to medium skilled players. The Sassy Cup will begin on Saturday, January 26th @16:00 GMT +1, and continue on Sunday, January 27th @16:00 GMT +1.

The Tournament Games will be Streamed by Deepy, and co-cast with PhaeronXII.
Round of 8 (Quarter Finals) will be Best of 3, and Round of 4 (Semi Finals) and Round of 2 (Finals) will be Best of 5. All Games will be played on GameRanger, using the Gamereplays.org Tournament Rules. This means that they will have 1x Command Point Factor, 1000 Starting Resources, No Custom Heroes, and the Ring Hero On. Additionally, any deciding games must be played on a neutral host.

The following Maps will be in the Tournament’s Map Pool:
Fords of Isen, Eastfold, Imladris, Westfold, and Black Ark

The Sassy Competitors are listed here (by order of sass, of course):

The Eternal

We are still taking reserve applications, in the event that someone drops out.
If you wish to join, just message Thrandier in the #tournaments channel of the 2.02 Discord Server
If we reach 8 reserve players, we will have a Round of 16.

In summary…
Format: 1v1 Single Elimination
Date: Saturday, January 26th and 27th, 2019
Time: 16:00 GMT + 1 (If you’re not sure what time that is for you, use this timezone converter to find out!)
Where: twitch.tv/deepytv
Patch: RotWK 2.02 v7
Platform: GameRanger
Rules: Neutral Host, 1x Command Point Factor, 1000 Starting Resources, No Custom Heroes, Ring Hero On.
How to Join: Join the Reserve List on the 2.02 Discord