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Why 2.02's Random is Revealed

By MauH˙R - 29th July 2015 - 00:11 AM

Reasons why the random faction is shown in the loading screen in 2.02:

Before going to the actual reasons, one thing that has to be mentioned about the culture of BfME2 and RotWK is that unlike in more established RTS-games, the vast majority of the player base - competitive or casual - chooses to play random for a few reasons, the simplest one being that in this game a single faction isnt quite as deep and sophisticated and thus gets boring more quickly. If this wasnt the case and players picked their factions on a regular basis, this measure might not have been necessary in order to improve the game.
With that said, here's why it does improve the game in most aspects:

One of the major obstacles in balancing the seven factions of RotWK properly over the years has been an unprecise and too forgiving earlygame, as players almost never had to face the most streamlined and effective starting-BOs and execution.
Hidden random either led to players trying the most risky strategies, hoping to be facing a faction their gamble would pay off against or they would choose the safest all-round BO there is in order to not take critical damage from said gambles.

The most prominent example of a faction's too fragile early game-state going unnoticed because unpunished for a long time is Mordor - An issue that is still not fully fixed.

The unique playstyle of the dwarven faction constantly being a potential threat forced additional safety measures in the behaviour of the players that didnt want to gamble.
In return, it of course increased the odds of the Dwarves getting in a successful first sneak attack, hardly ever giving us an accurate picture of where these factions actually stand if they were picked.

Aside from the benefits to balancing the different MUs, Revealed Random logically also increased the amount of different BOs used in total, as strategies such as Warg Pack starts would simply be too ineffective if your opponent could've rolled a faction like Goblins.
If you know youre facing a faction against which one of the more exotic openers is viable, its gonna be used and refined.
One of the few risks of such a situation is that in certain MUs one BO might emerge as the clearly superior one over any other, but aside from a few exceptions like Goblin or Angmar mirrors, almost every MU turned out to have at least 2 equally viable ways to be openend.

Lastly, a common accusation of Revealed Random is that it made scouting powers obsolete, but the real blame has to be put on more general issues of the Spellbook, the main issue being that in almost any case, the strength of buffs like Warchant and Rallying Call outweigh the value of any infortmation that a scouting power can grant you - an issue that unfortunately has never had priority in the development of 2.02 due to more pressing problems.

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