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Rise of the Witch King

Elves vs. Angmar

#1Andy San  Aug 14 2011, 13:53 PM -
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Elves (me) and Peace (Angmar)

In my opinion this game was one of the best games i ever played , it was a very good game and well played by both of us, just watch and wub if you like it.

Ps: Thranduil level 10 omfg biggrin.gif
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#2^WiLL^   Aug 14 2011, 14:02 PM -
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660kb ouch
#3bushit  Aug 14 2011, 16:33 PM -
Cool, I'll watch tonight.
#4Jaro^7^  Aug 14 2011, 21:37 PM -
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OMG !!! biggrin.gif
#5ViZ  Aug 14 2011, 22:24 PM -
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omfg what a long game. longest i've ever seen, seriously! Andy lol dunno how you survived, i was gonna give tips but in a game so long you're bound to make mistakes. Peace please make hill trolls tongue.gif they're like the strongest units in the game!
gg andy and peace, again andy lost your fort like 4 times? gg.
#6Mars Atack  Aug 15 2011, 14:36 PM -
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#7Luke6193  Aug 15 2011, 18:33 PM -
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Was good and fun to watch at first, but late game was painful, Angmar has an obvious advnatage over elves, even in late game, and peace also had the host advantage, he ignored Andrew's RB's completely and the only thing that kept him in the game was MU and host and occasional good PP usage.

Peace- You kept killing the fort but it was almost pointless as Andrew had lots of trees so he just rebuilt easily. You can still actually play the game in late game you know, its not 10 mins no rush, build up an army then charge, I would love to see cam in this game as he plays properly and (no offense to andy coz he played very well with lots of disadvantages) would have beaten Elves easily as he stil sends small parties to harrass and splits up his troops to avoid PP domination of the game, this game was dominated by PP's and you have to force otherwise and make your enemy waste their PP's.

Andy- Very well played but I would have got a well much much earlier, you should have had atleast 2 wells, you needed to conserve your troops better in mid game, whihc you were doing well at first with the lorien archers, but trust me leveled mirks are almost unkillable when they are level 5. Also concentrate more on cavalry, not as your main force, but try to keep leveled battalions about just to distract and annoy your opponent, it would have been a lot easier with a few wells and upgrades which you definately had the money for.
#8bushit  Aug 15 2011, 19:55 PM -
Good tip Luke.
#9Elrohir  Aug 16 2011, 11:48 AM -
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wow Wights own Ents ridiculously fast.
#10Knas┤  Aug 16 2011, 14:39 PM -
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Ill give that a watch later wink.gif
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