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Rise of the Witch King

JR vs Elite - Goblin Mirror

#1JuanRing  Mar 1 2008, 08:51 AM -
Replays: 8 Clan: JR Game:
Longest game I've played in a while. Not really worth adding much, a fun watch in my opinion. Review would be appreciated.
#2Steve.  Mar 1 2008, 12:06 PM -
Replays: 14 Game:
Well, it was well played by you, i was just trying fast trolls out, i see it was okish , but i just didnt have the eco to get heros like you did, my late game was so poor, as i was just spamming everywhere, but it was a good game.
#3Geri  Mar 1 2008, 12:38 PM -
Seems like a nice game I'll have a watch cool2.gif

edit: very nice game biggrin.gif
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#4Rec0^3R.ReLaX  Mar 1 2008, 14:30 PM -
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SUPPER AWESOME GAME^ Tipically a comeback by Juan, even more interesting than his Dwarves vs Mordor game

#5Geri  Mar 1 2008, 15:27 PM -
tbh juan is a machine n1qshok.gif

#6GodForbid  Mar 1 2008, 16:28 PM -
Replays: 7 Clan: JR Game:
This was the second most entertaining game I have ever seen (only beaten by the 2v1 win by Juan).

Absolutley fantastic! There were quite a few mistakes, Steve would have won the game a lot earlier if he had orderd his giantto take one more throw instead of running away. That would have destroyed the fortress, but imho I'd give this a gold all the way, definitely worthy of gold imo.

Excellent game - congrats!

#7Yomi  Mar 1 2008, 18:24 PM -
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Well i was playing in a game when i read in my messenger

"******* 2 hour game" ( many times)

" he only spamed heroes "
#8GodForbid  Mar 1 2008, 19:10 PM -
Replays: 7 Clan: JR Game:
LOL! Well steve is a liar!

Steve's tactic proved to be better than Juan's (early trolls) and really beat Juan back. Any other player would have died or quit but not Juan! He didn't spam heroes at all, he just made excellent use of each of the ones he bought.

#9-Anyhow-  Mar 1 2008, 20:47 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Gonna watch it now but there's something I have to point.
(only beaten by the 2v1 win by Juan).

Im not trying to troll here, but that game was far away of being a 2vs1, He had heros, many furnaces level 3 apart of cashfloating and had industry. Best game I have seen of Juan was that mirror vs Relatine when he lost because he scouted LOL!!.
I really hope a good RR takes this like Rhodazz, experienced or Hellboy.

Edited: Watched, reallys showed two kinds of top playing, one of good spam, skills but lacking on serenity and prudency, and other that kept the calm even if he saw the game was far away from the win.
Steve should won this 100 % sure. I dont know but hes late strategy (making tons of pits, after 5 pit i quited watching) was the worse I have ever seen, maybe he will flame me for this and tell me two faced, but im not, seriously steve your gameplay is quite mechanic and you really have to change it. Its the second time I see you losing games because just spamming. I dk if you realized that spam wouldnt give you the win. If you would aimed for upgrades, instead of making broods, gobs and more broods you would have won the game for sure. Half trolls with upgrades are truly unkillable by drogoth, even if he trys 10 times they also would have kileld azog and shelob in seconds. Broods are good, but if you kept them alive. YOu lost them constantly giving Juan 750 gold each time you did.
This game is fun until the point it gets spammy. I really hated when Steve fucked up the game. This game cant be more than a contender, many msitakes were made, by Juan early-mid game and by steve late-very late game.
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#10Evolancer  Mar 1 2008, 22:01 PM -
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I really hope a good RR takes this like Rhodazz, experienced or Hellboy.


drol.gif Awesome game!! goblins mirror reference! Near from a Gold!
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