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Rise of the Witch King

Need feedback on my Isen play - Live vs Glaurung

Video Type:Gameplay
Players/Teams:Glaurung, Bosomtwe
Elves vs Men and Isen vs Mordor
I haven’t played for years, but I can see where it went south for you after a good start. you played well but it’s hard to stop Mordor once they get going. Your economy could’ve easily supported another Uruk pit early game aswell aswell as warg riders.
You were too defensive, so Mordor got going. Zerks are golden in this MU, where were they? If you had just literally spammed more units once you got lurtz you would of been fine.
3 Uruk pits, one producing zerks, and the others a mix of units you would of overwhelmed him, especially with your riders harassing. The turning point was just before you got Lurtz, when you waited for his attacks. The moment you go defensive, you allow Mordor to mix units, which is deadly. The catapults were just the icing on top, when they came you were screwed, basically lol.

Potential was there, Micro was good but improve on your power usage, you had Palantir - use it on one of the sides that you’re not expanding down for early warning, and crows also on your fort would of helped you.
Again, haven’t played for years, feel free to ignore but that’s what I saw, Need Zerks dude!
Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree that my palantir use was lackluster, I forgot to use it all the time, and just looked at his base for a couple of seconds when I finally used it.
I don't understand why you think beserkers are so crucial in this match-up. What is their use against mordor?
But I think you're right that I needed to spam more uruks and pressured him with that. Do you think not going for wildmen at all was wise?
Zerks mixed in with your army counter literally everything Mordor can send at you, the wildmen can be risky but as long as you upgrade your stealing so you can get axe throwers it can work. Archers counter zerks but Kurtz and axe throwers counter archers due to the AT’s slash damage. If you think about it, what can’t zerks counter that Mordor throws at them? You need to be able to unit mix aswell as Mordor to in order to beat them. You did really well in early game and your economy was strong, only thing that let you down was you didn’t use it to your advantage. Isengard has never been a good lay game faction, so teching up and out spamming your enemy as soon as you can is essential.