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Rise of the Witch King

October 2015 Tournament: [R2][G2] MauHuR vs. KingOfROtW

Video Type:Commentary
Players/Teams:MauHuR (Angmar) vs. KingOfROtW (Goblins)
Event:October 2015 Rise of the Pumpking
Round:Round 2
Game Number:2
A cast of a game from the RotWK October 2015 Rise of the Pumpking 1v1 Halloween Tournament hosted by GameReplays.org.
This is the 2nd game in a best of 3 match.

The Lord of the Rings
The Battle for Middle-Earth II: The Rise of the Witch-King
[Round 2] [Game 2]
Match type: 1v1
Patch: 2.02 v5.0.1
Map: Spooky Fords
Team 1 - MauHuR (Angmar)
Team 2 - KingOfROtW (Goblins)