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RotWK Server Shutdown Celebration Tournament #1 Rescheduled

Tuesday, 21 Dec 2010
All participants in the first RotWK Server Shutdown Celebration Tournament should be aware that the tournament has been rescheduled from 17:00 UTC on Tuesday, December 28 to 17:30 UTC due to a scheduling mistake of Forlong's. He's so unreliable.

RotWK Server Shutdown Celebration Tournaments

Sunday, 19 Dec 2010
If you've been living under a rock, we've got a bit of good news for you: EA is shutting down online service for The Battle for Middle-earth series games. To celebrate the end of EA's poor servers, laggy games, and atrocious post-release support, GameReplays will be hosting three tournaments for...

2v2 Other maps tournament!

Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010
2v2 - Other maps tournament!In this tournament games are played on three balanced but underused maps; Udun, Tower Hills and Minhiriath. Instead of playing Stonewain or Buckland, the overused favorites of the community, the idea of this tournament is to make people familiar with some other...

Staff Vs. Members Tournament Results

Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
After a long and exciting tournament time has come to announce the results. First of all, I would like to apologize for the beginning of the Tournament because some of the participants didn't sign up correctly and instead of leaving the lobby they decided to spam the chat room making it difficult...

Staff vs. Members Tournament

Saturday, 31 Jul 2010
Long time has passed since the last Tournament but it's time to reward with you a new one! This Tournament will be slightly different hoping to be more interesting. As the title says it will the staff members will play against the community of Rotwk!On this Tournament one side has to completely...

Men of the West 2v2 Mirror Tournament

Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010
For our next tournament, we will be treated with a 2v2 Men of the West Mirror on Buckland. It will be hosted by JustCrusher and will take place this Saturday the 3rd of July at 6pm GMT.InformationSign-UpTo sign up for the tournament please leave your name in the sign-up topic. Please make sure...

3vs3 Tournament

Monday, 31 May 2010
Due to the recent themed tournaments, it's been decided to host another regular tournament. However, this time, it's a 3v3 tournament! Games can be played on the official Shire or Rhun map. The Lostriand map is too imbalanced for such a tournament. Let's hope to see some interesting teamwork. If...

Mordor Mirror Tournament Results

Sunday, 30 May 2010
Yet another tournament comes to an end and it was quite a good one. Unfortunately, a fair few players got the time wrong due to daylight saving time and were about 30 minutes late. As much as one would want to let these players in, it was impossible as everyone else was already playing. Apart...

Mordor Mirror Tournament

Monday, 24 May 2010
After the incredible success of the Stonewain tournament, it is time to try another mirror tournament. However, not just any mirror tournament this time, but a Mordor mirror tournament! Mordor is generally known for its incredibly powerful late game and these mirror games usually last longer than...

Stonewain Tournament Results

Monday, 24 May 2010
The tournament on the infamous Stonewain map is over and what a tournament it was! No less than 37 sign-ups with only one player not showing up, meaning 36 people played in this tournament and that is definitely a whole lot more than in any recent tournament so far! For such a large tournament,...