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Isengard | Faction of the week

By BrAv3H34RT - 3rd October 2010 - 19:26 PM

Isengard, or Iron Fortress, had been a prominent fortress of Gondor for many ages. Built around the unbreakable and leering tower of Orthanc and surrounded by iron walls, Isengard was quite a fortress. It's strength can explain the fact that the Numenoreans decided Isengard should house one of the Palantir, a mystical seeing stone.

As years past Gondor abandoned Isengard, and Saruman, the greatest Wizard of the White Council, came under possession of Isengard and the tower of Orthanc, an action first welcomed by Gondor.

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After Saruman betrayed the White Council, he made Isengard his own fortress, reinforcing its defenses, crossbreeding orcs and men to form Uruk-hai, and cutting down all the trees he could to fuel his dark ambitions. Before long, Isengard had transformed from a fortress of solice, wisdom, and strength to a domineering force who's brute strength none wanted to face.

From Isengard flushed massive Uruk armies under the command of fearless captains, who all swore an oath to serve Saruman. Saruman's armies proved to be an example of his cleverness and brutality. With new inventions such as the Explosive Mine, Isengard's armies could wreck havoc at every structural emplacement and fortress, while their main units of tall, sturdy, muscular Uruks could run on land for days straight.

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For it's relatively short span of existence, Isengard, under control of Saruman, was a force to be reckoned with. Powerful units, fearless captains, clever machinery, and strudy structures defined Isengard's strength. Of course, being backed by a Wizard's spells and incantations always helps, if not from an evil Wizard.

This week, the Forces of Isengard will be the topic of discussion. Good thing, too, as while those forces had a short period of prominence, the Forces of Isengard had symbolized the cleverness and brute force that evil can reach, when evil knows what it seeks.

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