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2v2 Other maps tournament!

By Korvasomali - 24th August 2010 - 14:26 PM

2v2 - Other maps tournament!

In this tournament games are played on three balanced but underused maps; Udun, Tower Hills and Minhiriath. Instead of playing Stonewain or Buckland, the overused favorites of the community, the idea of this tournament is to make people familiar with some other playable 2v2 maps. Everyone has played Udun at least a couple of times, and most know what map Minhiriath is, but only few know which map is Tower Hills. Now it's your chance to get to know them all little better. You can choose which map you play. If you can't agree on the map, the host will randomly pick one for you.


Saturday 28th of August
6pm (18.00) GMT in the Off-Topic Chat lobby.


Single elimination


No trolling/flaming
No camping (Towers and Fortresses)
No Fell Wind bug abuse
Warg Sentries are limited to three
No Lindon Horse Archers
No Battlewagon/Oil Barrels

Breaking the rules results in immediate ban from all future GameReplays tournaments and if the violation is severe it results as suspension from the site. Also, faking evidence results as ban from future tournaments and suspension from the site. The tournament host decides what is considered rulebreaking but you'll do fine by using your common sense.

About rule number 1.

This rule is a bit tricky, what others take as friendly banter is flaming and trolling for some people. So please use your common sense and stay polite with the people you don't know. Nothing kills a good tournament like a flamewar.

We also kindly ask you NOT TO SPAM THE CHATBOX while waiting for a game to start. This causes unnecessary delay in the tournament and it doesn't make any good. The tournament host will give you all the information you need. If you need to speak in the chatbox please do so in private.


Leave a reply in the sign up topic and sign yourself in. YOU CAN'T SIGN YOUR MATE IN. Everyone who participates in a GameReplays tournament must have GameReplays account.

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Time Zone Help

Follow the link below to make sure about the time the Tournament will occur.

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