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The age of Dwarves

By Asuna - 2nd November 2010 - 12:17 PM

Early in the first age, the Dwarves were awoken after the Elves. During this time the Dwarves, Men, and Elves lived in relative harmony and peace. The Dwarves where physically stronger than Men and Elves, with a greater endurance against the hot and cold climates. Driven out of Gundabad by constant war and attacks from the Orcs in search of a better stronghold; the clan of long beards traveled through the vales of Anduin, leading them to the misty mountains. There they carved the great underground city of Khazad-dûm out of the mountain itself. The discovery of mithril gained the Dwarves great wealth and respect throughout the second age. The ability to be great miners and craftsmen was the main skills of the Dwarves. The crafting of mithril, armor, and weapons allowed for the trading of food from both Men and Elves. They were the first in the crafting of chain mail, and the greatest armor in all of middle earth. The Dwarves were commissioned on several occasions to build great, powerful and mysterious constructions for the Elves.

It was during the beginning of the third age when the Balrog was unearthed. The city of Moria was destroyed and defiled by Goblins. The Dwarves were once again scattered throughout the lands. Some went to the Iron hills, while the others fled to the Grey mountains. A great war of Dwarves and Orcs took place here, until finally the Dwarves destroyed all of the Goblin's greatest strong holds in the mountains.

The third age ended with the war of the ring, and the eventual fall of Mordor. The Dwarves decided to help rebuild the city of Minas Tirith, as a gift symbolizing the rekindled friendship of the Men, Elf and Dwarf-kind.

This week will be dedicated to all that is and ever been the mighty Dwarves.

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