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Staff Vs. Members Tournament Results

By Excalibur - 10th August 2010 - 19:15 PM

After a long and exciting tournament time has come to announce the results. First of all, I would like to apologize for the beginning of the Tournament because some of the participants didn't sign up correctly and instead of leaving the lobby they decided to spam the chat room making it difficult to handle the Tournament. Now moving back on the Tournament results as strangely as it seems, players concluded on an even number of players 9 for the staff and 9 for the members. The players that finally participated are shown on the bottom picture.

IPB Image
The 18 Tournament players

When the Tournament started not all the participants were present causing a bad effect on some players who had to wait a bit before playing their games. The players and their opponents are described on the two below pictures.

IPB Image
IPB Image

Members side seemed to overwhelm until the ever end when thepickuptruck arrived to support the Staff and managed to win the three members that left from the Members side bringing the victory to the Staff side.

Final Game of the Final round thepickuptruck vs i┤love┤to┤rape┤ya.

We hope the Tournament was fun enough to see you on our next hosted. Until then, practice and one day you may beat the Staff Members.

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