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Mordor Mirror Tournament Results

By Thorin - 29th May 2010 - 23:04 PM

Yet another tournament comes to an end and it was quite a good one. Unfortunately, a fair few players got the time wrong due to daylight saving time and were about 30 minutes late. As much as one would want to let these players in, it was impossible as everyone else was already playing. Apart from that hiccup, the tournament went very smoothly. For the first time EVER, we held a third-place playoff or a special finale if you will between the numbers three and four. Both finals were best of three whereas the other games were all single elimination to keep the time duration under control. That was a good thing too you know as it lasted for no less than FOUR hours already. Imagine how long it would have lasted if everything was best of three! Thanks to CHALLONGE! for hosting the brackets.

IPB Image

After about 1Ż hours of some reasonably fast games, the finale started. Broadcast live to our very own portal by Strykeypoo, the two games, both won by Mortician_Rabid, resulted in very interesting games. Instead of the usual Orc Archer spams, there were also Lancer Rushes and Corsairs at the start. The Lancers did surprisingly well against the infamous Orc Archer spam, actually even defeating it despite the weakness to arrows inherent in the Haradrim Lancers. Both games went back and forth, but both were also ultimately decided by the presence of Black Riders. These incredibly overpowered units were able to withstand no less than TEN Orc Archers and win, practically on their own. For all who didn't get to see the livecast, the replays can be found here.

The third-place playoffs were actually more interesting. At first, to avoid an anticlimax by broadcasting the third-place playoffs after the actual finals, there was no livecast, but in hindsight, that was a mistake. Both games and especially the last one were tremendously entertaining. There wasn't a single dull moment and almost every single Mordor unit came to light. Mumakils, Attack Trolls, Catapults, Black Riders, Fellbeasts, The Witch-king, Haradrim Lancers, Corsairs, Easterlings and of course, hordes upon hordes of Orcs and Orc Archers. No less than FOUR Balrogs were summoned! Macho_LeWa and Tsu'Tey, the losers of the semifinals, sure did make up for their loss with this epic playoff. Although Tsu'Tey won twice, Macho_LeWa put up an incredible fight and it wasn't clear until the very last moment who was going to win. These games are definitely a must watch for all those who like to watch replays!

Mortician_Rabid, also known as idrinkyourblood, has won a special interview that should be published within the next few days. Don't miss out on this Mordor champion!

Thank you all for participating. Hopefully you all had a good time and don't miss the next tournament next week! Check the new Tournament News page to keep updated with the latest tournament news!

For more replays, check the replay section.