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RotWK Server Shutdown Celebration Tournaments

By Forlong - 19th December 2010 - 21:42 PM

If you've been living under a rock, we've got a bit of good news for you: EA is shutting down online service for The Battle for Middle-earth series games. To celebrate the end of EA's poor servers, laggy games, and atrocious post-release support, GameReplays will be hosting three tournaments for Rise of the Witch-king. The first two will take place during the final week of the month and will commemorate the history of 2.01 gaming. The final tournament will take place on our own terms, after EA has shut down its servers.

We'd like to get as many people as possible to participate in these tournaments, so if you're available at the specified times and for the specified durations (see The Rules), don't hesitate to sign up. Although the first tournament is mostly geared towards competitive players, you don't have to be a competitive player to participate for a bit of fun. And although the second and third tournaments aren't geared specifically towards competitive players, we still encourage the most skilled players around to participate and play their best.

These tournaments will set the tone for the entire future of the game, and the number of participants could literally influence whether people continue playing or not. It's especially important for the third tournament to be as successful as possible, so show up and do your part to keep the community strong.

But first, a warning: all players who participate must thoroughly read this newspost as well as The Rules (updated 2010-12-19). The Rules detail how these tournaments will work. Participants who do not thoroughly read both this post and The Rules have a high chance of being disqualified, shamed, and banned from future tournaments. We wish it were self-explanatory, but past experience proves that it is not. It'll only take five minutes, so go ahead and read through them! Participants who do read the rules will frolic through summer fields with happy bunnies.

Tournament Details

Time and Place

Tournament #1: Tuesday, December 28 at 17:30 UTC in the Off-Topic Chat Lobby.
Tournament #2: Thursday, December 30 at 17:00 UTC in the Off-Topic Chat Lobby.
Tournament #3: Sunday, January 2 at 18:00 UTC, location to-be-announced.

Please be aware that the start time for Tournament #1 has been updated from 17:00 to 17:30.


Tournament #1: 1v1, single elimination, best of three, Version 2.01.
Tournament #2: 2v2, single elimination, best of three, Version 2.01.
Tournament #3: 3v3, single elimination, best of one, Unofficial 2.02 Version


Tournament #1: Fords of Isen II, Fords of Isen II, and Fords of Isen II
Tournament #2: Buckland, Stonewain Valley, Udun
Tournament #3: Anfalas, Dead Marshes, Mirkwood

In the first tournament, you play on Fords.

In the second tournament, the offhost team will pick the map and spots each game. Since it's best of three, that means you get to pick the map at least once each set. For the third game in any set, the team that gets to pick the map will be determined randomly.

In the third tournament, maps will be predetermined by the Referee each round.

Time Zones

We strongly recommend verifying your local time for each tournament with timeanddate.com's Time Zone Converter, Fixed Time World Clock, and Tournament Countdown to be certain you are arriving at the proper time for each tournament.

Tournament #1: Fixed Time World Clock, Tournament Countdown
Tournament #2: Fixed Time World Clock, Tournament Countdown
Tournament #3: Fixed Time World Clock, Tournament Countdown

Signing Up

Sign up for these tournaments on the GameReplays Tournament Site. You don't have to do anything else to sign up. For Tournament #2, you can choose to either sign up with a partner, or to be randomly paired with somebody else who doesn't sign up with a partner. For Tournament #3, you can't select your own partners: who you play with will be totally random.


The six winners will each be allowed to negotiate a change of their choice for inclusion in a special April Fool's edition of 2.02. Winners are not allowed to reveal their choice of change to anyone until April 2, 2011, so it will be a surprise for the community. There are two special rules for this: (1) The word "negotiate" is used because changes will have to be reasonably easy to implement. (2) You cannot request to change Lord Elrond's palantir picture into that of Agent Smith, since Forlong is fairly determined to do that regardless.


UPDATE: Unlike most GameReplays tournaments, the rules regarding uploading replays are not in effect for this event. You do not have to upload all of your victories onto our replay system. We do require saving your wins as proof, in the unlikely event that a Referee requests them, but you won't have to upload them to GameReplays unless you want to share them with the community.

Good luck and have fun, warriors! Let's make this a tournament series to remember.

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