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Isengard Quiz of the Week

By trucky - 5th October 2010 - 11:54 AM

Quiz of the Week

1.Saruman the White was the Chief of the
a. Order of Mastory
b. Order of Knowledge
c. Order of Wizards
d. Order of The White Counsel

2.Grima was the son of
a. Erkenbrand
b. Galmod
c. Hama
d. Elrond

3.The Wizard's Vale opened to the south onto the
a. Fangorn Forest
b. White Mountains
c. Nan Curunir
d. Gap of Rohan

4.Saruman's army was housed in chambers built
a. into the inner wall of the Ring of Isengard
b. into the inner wall of the Tower
c. into the inner wall of the underground workshops and mines
d. into the inner encampments of Fangorn

5.Saruman was originally a Maia known as
a. Radagast
b. The White Wizard
c. Curumo
d. Cirdan

6.The meeting of the White Counsel was held in
a. Gondor
b. Bree
c. Rivendell
d. Numenor

7.Grima accused Gandalf of being a bearer of bad tidings, calling him
a. Lathspell
b. Deciever
c. liar
d. Ill will

8. The name Isengard means
a. garden of trees
b. iron fortress
c. stronghold
d. wizard's vale

9.Saruman was entrusted with Isengard as a warden of the
a. Steward of Gondor
b. keeper of the garden
c. orchards of Isengard
d. Steward of the Stronghold

10. The Uruk-hai commander of Isengard was
a. Ugluk
b. Lurtz
c. Snaga
d. Grishnakh

11. Which Steward of Gondor gave Saruman the keys to Orthanc?

12. The Wizard originally known as Aiwendil had which unique power?

13. The Ents are well known for destroying Isengard, but which Queen of the Valar requested
their creation?

14. What is the translation of the Sindarin word Anor, which is feared by orcs but not by uruk-hai?

15. If you were speaking about Sharkū, which character other than Sharkū might you be speaking about?

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