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Stonewain Tournament Results

By Thorin - 23rd May 2010 - 23:55 PM

The tournament on the infamous Stonewain map is over and what a tournament it was! No less than 37 sign-ups with only one player not showing up, meaning 36 people played in this tournament and that is definitely a whole lot more than in any recent tournament so far! For such a large tournament, you could say it went smoothly, but there were some bumps in the road to the finish.

At first, the 36 members made quite some noise in the Off-Topic lobby. It took a while before everybody found the brackets and started playing their games, but eventually, the tournament took off. Due to the number 36 being rather unfortunate, it not being a multiple of two, some players had to play extra games. Thanks to a useful bracket site, called CHALLONGE!, it was possible to create an effective and fast setup.

There was some trouble with issues such as camping, which cost a game to last for more than 2.5 hours. Undoubtedly, for the sake of fun and nocturnal activities, camping will be included in the rules as prohibited. Apart from that, most games progressed rather well and didn't take too long. There was also a misunderstanding about the amount of command points that should be used, which cost two teams to spend no less than four instead of three games against each other. Finally and highly unfortunately, there was also some serious bad sportsmanship. Several players accused others unjustly of abusing the win/loss bug. They even went as far as to try and frame them by creating a separate account, looking very much like the original due to the similarity in the 1 and lower-case l. On the brightside, the rest of the players didn't attempt anything bad and apart from a few complaints, they participated peacefully.

After almost 3.5 hours of gaming, it was finally time for the finale. Due to the length of the tournament, eyes began to droop for some and it was decided to have just the one game. The finale was held between Colossus1975 & Eldarionx81 vs. Korvasomali & Poero. After some pretty intense battles, the game quickly began to turn in favor of the superior combination of Korvasomali & Poero. Their Mirkwood Archers, Thrall hordes, Sorcerers, Angmar and Elven heroes overcame the Isengard and Elven combination of their opponents.

Korvasomali and Poero both won a special spotlight and will be interviewed by GameReplays as a team! Expect this interview to be up on the homepage in the next few days.

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Thank you all for signing up and participating. Hopefully you all had a good time and don't miss out on the next tournament! Check the new Tournament News page to keep updated with the latest tournament news!