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Rise of the Witchking 2.01

JR| vs Real

#1GodForbid  Mar 11 2007, 00:24 AM -
This was Isengard Isengard vs Angmar Isengard.

It was really one of the best games ive ever played in (most fun anyway) was a really close game, didn't know who was going to win all the way though.

Please review someone!


Review by: Elwind

Starting positions:
JR|GodForbid - Upper left hand corner
JR|JuanRing - Upper right hand corner

Real|Huhn - Bottom left hand corner
Real|Wanme - Bottom right hand corner


All I have to say Is that this is the most action packed game I have ever seen. This game has anything you can ask for from good micro to macro, AT's to zerks, and constant harassment to good teamwork. All 4 players played very.. very well! But the spotlight of this review will be GodForbid. He played incredible this game just watch it is to hard to explain. But in the end JR| gets the victory, Congrats to Real| for putting up a really good show and congrats espeacially to JR for the unexpected victory. This is an entertaining game that everyone should watch and to learn that any player shouldn't give up and use teamwork to win back the game. A really uber game, Congrats.

JR|GodForbid & JR|JuanRing - Isen/Isen

You 2 put up a really good show and showed really good teamwork. I was really impressed with GFB as he lit up the match with uber micro and macro and Juan for holding his part of the deal and just trying to stay alive. Juan may have lost his fort but GFB gave him a little reinforcements by sending and spamming AT's and WM which really helped alot because without Juan it would have been gg. Your guys BO were very solid so you really had no trouble until they doubled Juan. Well anyways congrats on the victory.

    Tips for improvement
  • There are no tips i can give you because this was almost a perfect game.

Real|Huhn & Real|Wanme - Angmar/Isen

Ok you played an absolute suprising game for me. Accept you guys made 1 huge mistake and that was get rid of Juan when he has no fort! He didn't build anything at his allies base and you guys were just prancing around with your AT's and WM trying to get rid of a few furnaces. Juan only had 2 racks of CS left and you guys stopped attacking him right after you destroyed the fort. Try getting rid of Juan, He had no fort take advantage of that. But other than that you guys would have had the game won if you would have gotten rid of Juan. You guys played very well, Stances were awesome micro and macro were good and your BO's worked perfectly against Double Isen early game. Congrats to the close victory you guys played very well.

    Tips for improvement
  • Take advantage of the person that does not have a fort and get rid of him!

Overall Rating: 8

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#2JuanRing  Mar 11 2007, 05:05 AM -
Extremely good game by Godforbid, who was decisive in the match - excellent Isen gameplay! Both Reals also played very well - compliment! It was a fun game with a bunch of action in it.
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#3LethaL™  Mar 11 2007, 06:41 AM -
Replays: 27 Game:
TBH the Real guys have much improved over the last few months.It always ='s good games with them.
#4RealHuhn  Mar 11 2007, 11:35 AM -
Replays: 12 Game:
wub.gif wub.gif

Your wildmen spam was so impossible to counter in late game. We have some good 2on2 teams but you play constantly at 100%. 0wn3d.gif

I'll watch it ....
#5.vans  Mar 11 2007, 11:44 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:
Sounds like a fun game happy.gif I'll tag it
#6GodForbid  Mar 11 2007, 12:48 PM -
QUOTE(Elwind @ Mar 11 2007, 11:44 AM) *

Sounds like a fun game happy.gif I'll tag it

Great thanks m8. remember to rate it over 8 (or demod) lol jk's! thanks again.
#7.vans  Mar 11 2007, 13:38 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
Review is done and that game was absolute ownage well done GFB and

I believe this deserves gold smile.gif
#8GodForbid  Mar 11 2007, 13:52 PM -
QUOTE(Elwind @ Mar 11 2007, 13:38 PM) *

Review is done and that game was absolute ownage well done GFB and

I believe this deserves gold smile.gif

thanks alot for the awesome review m8! biggrin.gif
#9.vans  Mar 11 2007, 13:55 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
Np and gl on Gold and RotW happy.gif
#10GodForbid  Mar 11 2007, 14:15 PM -
thanks m8.

and btw, just incase anyone was wondering why i moved my own replay to silver section it's because Elwind asked me to do it as he didn't know how.

(didn't want people to think i'm promoting my own replays to silver haha)
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