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Tip of the Week #33: Charge and Clump!

By The Smoking Man™ - 18th July 2010 - 15:01 PM

Sometimes players are so busy fighting the enemy that they forget to clump their units to destroy buildings faster or kill heroes who don't have splash damage faster. But now I'm going to teach you a trick, how to clump using the Charge ability of a unit.

In Rise of the Witch-King we have four units who have this Charge ability. In all four, the ability grants +50% Damage and +50% Armor and causes meta impact. This ability becomes available from level two. Now lets see which units have this great ability:

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The Benefits of Using This Ability

  • You can use this ability on structures too, this will help you clump your units faster around a building so it takes less time to take down structures by using this ability.
  • Sometimes you aim to destroy a building with your units but enemy units block your way. By using this ability you can trample them back like how cavalry do it so that you can attack the enemy building directly without any need to fight enemy units who block your way to destruction!
  • With the extra defense your units gain from this ability, your units will attack the enemy building longer. This is very useful when attacking an enemy Fortress.
  • To clump target the enemy building with this ability and press Stop when they are moving past. Whenever you feel that they clumped well, attack the enemy building.
  • You can upgrade your Guardians with Seige Hammers and Banner Carriers, then move them near the enemy Fortress then use their Charge ability on the Fortress. This will cause your Guardians to clump quickly around the Fortress and take it down in seconds using their Seige Hammers and the buff they gained from Charge.
Charge is a Buff, so it won't stack with other Buffs such as Rallying Call or War Chant! Don't waste your powers!

The video below shows how to use this ability effectively. As you see I sneaked out with four Guardians that were upgraded with Siege Hammers and Banner Carriers. Since Dwarves are slow, the opponent could block my way with his two Soldier of Gondors and quickly make some Fortress expansions and ruin my attack. But I used Charge which helped me clump my Guardians around his Fortress a lot faster and easily take his Fortress down. As you saw I didn't use Rallying Call but instead of that I used Heal, because as I said before two buffs dont stack with each other!

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2.02 Changelog

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  • Charge:
    • armor bonus reduced to +50% (from +100% for Guardians and from +300% for other units);
    • +50% speed bonus removed (was present for all units except Guardians);
    • recharge time reduced to 2m (was 3m);
    • fixed FX duration to 10s (was 20s, twice as long as the buff).