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Goblin Hero Guide

By Asuna - 17th March 2011 - 21:14 PM

Welcome to the Goblin Hero Guide. This guide focuses on the four Goblin heroes and how to use them and their skills at their full potential. The four Goblin heroes are Azog, Gorkil, Shelob and Drogoth. Each one of the them is very useful, and they each have some handy abilities. Goblin units need some support and these heroes can provide it.

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Azog was the Orc chief of Moria. He killed Thror in Khazad-dum, which caused the War between Dwarves and Goblins. In the battle of Nanduhirion, he killed Nain, but was himself defeated by Dain Ironfoot, Nain's son. He was the father of Bolg, who led the Orcs in the Battle of the Five Armies.

Azog's Abilities

IPB Image Brigandage (Level 2)

Brigandage is a nice ability that is good for boosting your economy. It's similar to Eomer's Outlaw Leadership but doesn't affect all units, only Goblins, Gorkil and Spider Riders. Killing heroes and monsters will give you tons of resources. It's an extremely useful and supportive ability. Brigandage will also help you quickly understand if enemy units have been killed since you will see the resources you gain from them when they die. Goblins and Spider Riders near Azog gain resources per kill.

IPB Image Great Battle Rage (Level 4)

This is actually the ability that makes Azog your early hero. With this skill, Azog will easily dispatch not only early heroes but even much stronger ones. Although it has a damage scalar against buildings, Azog will be able to destroy most structures with ease and even deal serious damage to a non-upgraded fortress. However, do not hesitate using this ability in any battle situation. Don't keep the skill until an enemy hero arrives. Use it when you feel it is necessary to use it. In such cases, you will not have to retreat him every once in a while. Azog will last much longer in battles this way, having enough health to continue attacks. This ability lasts long enough so use it when you have to.

IPB Image Crack the Whip (Level 6)

This ability grants 70 experience, which is enough to level up your Goblin Warriors, Half Trolls, and Goblin Archers. Always use it when it's available. It also grants a major experience boost to Spider Riders. However, it is preferable if this ability is used on a massive Goblin Warrior and Archer army. This skill will not affect Cave Trolls, Fire Drakes, Mountain Giants and Spiderlings, so don't gather these units near your other Goblin units since they will not get any experience.

How to use Azog

Azog will be your first hero in most cases because he is the cheapest available one. His damage is extremely high for an early hero which makes him perfect for countering early enemy heroes. Azog is mostly to be seen in early game and this comes to be when you have gathered enough resources to get him without sacrificing your Goblin spam. He is much better against non-spam factions as he will one hit kill most of their fewer but stronger units. Azog is useful against all factions.