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January ClanWars Results

By Forlong - 2nd February 2010 - 03:14 AM

Clan and Warrior Results

January was an exceptionally competitive month for ClanWars. Despite odd fluctuations in activity (80 games last Tuesday, just 43 the next day) the league has remained overall very active. The competition was incredibly close, perhaps the most competitive non-set clans month in a year or more. The top five clans were all mere games away from each other. Divine stands victorious with 19,081 points, closely followed by second place iL| with 18,317 points and third place Fuego| - a clan returning from RotWK's past - with 17,894 points. Both iL| and Fuego| were lucky to make it into the top three considering the close pursuit of new clan H|D (fourth place, 17,787 points) and long-lived EL^ (fifth place, 17,242 points). The sixth place clan, EoA|, is a ways behind with 11,145 points, but barely 600 points separate it from ninth placed clan |E|, which has 10,567 points. This means nearly every clan in the top ten was just one or two games away from losing its position to another clan.

The warrior ladder was also extremely competitive. Divine|Elladan surprisingly (not) wins Gold yet again, with 13,294 points, followed by H|D player ExTeRm1nAt1onS` with 10,900 points and iL|Blackout with 9,104 points.

Top 10 Clans:

IPB Image

Top 10 Warriors:

IPB Image

The faction champions were:

IPB Image Divine|Elladan IPB Image
IPB Image Divine|Elladan IPB Image
IPB Image EL^ItaLiaNoOb IPB Image
IPB Image Divine|Intel IPB Image
IPB Image Sunflare|Fuego IPB Image
IPB Image HaLfL1fE IPB Image
IPB Image Divine|Elladan IPB Image

Please also congratulate Divine|Elladan for the exceptional feat of winning the Elves cup three months in a row. Will anybody be able to play Elves better than Elladan in February? Also congratulations to EL^ItaLiaNoOb for winning Dwarves for the second month in a row.

Have fun in ClanWars during February!

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