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January ClanWars Tournament

By Forlong - 18th January 2010 - 04:35 AM

This weekend, ClanWars will be hosting its first RotWK tournament since September. That's right - every game is a ClanWars game, so points are on the line even before you consider the 1000 point victor's prize. It's not huge enough to totally turn around the ClanWars month all in one day, but it will certainly change things significantly, so be sure to get in on the action!

But first, a warning: all players who participate must thoroughly read this event description (aka "rules"). Participants who do not thoroughly read this post have a high chance of being banned from future tournaments. Do not sign up without reading the rules. We wish it were self-explanatory, but if we are obliged to post the warning in three bold sentences to get the point across, then we will do so. We don't want to have to disqualify anybody again.

Tournament Details

Time: The tournament will begin on Sunday, January 24 at 17:00 UTC in the Unofficial 2.02 (5+ Players) Lobby. Though most participants will finish within two hours, the tournament will last for as much as four or perhaps even five hours if you reach the final round, so be sure to have an appropriate amount of free time if you sign up.

Format: The tournament will be single elimination 1v1, best of three. Players will alternate hosts for the first two games. A neutral host will be used if necessary for any third games. The final games will each be neutrally hosted.

ClanWars: All games must be played with a valid ClanWars account for a valid ClanWars clan. Clan Game must be turned on for all games (except neutrally-hosted games) so that they register on the ClanWars ladder. Every game (except vs. clanmates) during this tournament will count for ClanWars points! The ClanWars admin running the tournament will AR neutrally-hosted games.

Prizes: The winning warrior will receive 1000 bonus points for his Clan and Warrior account (in addition to his winnings from the games he played). The second place warrior will receive 400 bonus points for his Clan and Warrior accounts.

Replays: All replays must be uploaded in the GameReplays.org Replay System. You will not be permitted to progress to the next round without first posting EACH replay from the previous round (even a game that you lost). Save all replays until after the event is over in case they are requested. All participants must be familiar with how to upload replays in advance of the event.

Time Zones: We strongly recommend verifying your local time for the tournament with the Time Zone Converter and the Tournament Countdown to be certain you are arriving at the proper time. A countdown will also be added to the right-hand column on the RotWK 2.02 Home page.

Maps: Each round in the tournament will be played on a predetermined map. The first round will be played on Erech, the second round on Fords of Isen II, the third (semifinals) round on Harlindon, and the finals on Rohan.

Signing Up: Sign up on the ClanWars website while logged in with the account you wish to participate in the tournament with. Only the first sixteen players to sign up will be allowed to play. Sign-ups are open from now until 12:00 AM EST (5:00 AM UTC) on the day of the tournament (twelve hours prior to its start). If you sign up for the tournament but later decide that you cannot play, you must remove yourself from the bracket by either PMing Forlong on GameReplays or by posting a request in the Open League Forum on Smack to make room for other people to sign up. After sign-ups close twelve hours before the tournament, all players currently signed up must show up as not doing so prevents others from playing and destroys the tournament; players who cannot play but make no attempt to remove themselves from the roster will be fined 500 points and banned from future tournaments due to the severity of this problem is previous tournaments. There is absolutely nothing wrong with signing up and then removing yourself if you can't play, the only problem is when people do not do so.

Potential Site Inaccessibility: Unfortunately, the tournament may (but not certainly) be canceled in the event that that ClanWars website is inaccessible during or before the event.

Sign up for this tournament on ClanWars.cc

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