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Do NOT let this die. Please! There will always be newer and "fancier" games, but trust me, the great ones are hard to come by - especially one(s) which you and so many great players helped shaping up.... For the record, the very first game I've modded for, TA:Kingdoms, is still played on alternative servers, some ten years after I've release it! I hope and believe that in 4, 5 years I WILL proudly say the same about the BfME game series.Source: MaDDoX, Creator of BFME I v1.03, BFME II v1.06, and BFME II BT2:DC

Chances are that if you've found this page, you know about the official server shutdown for the BFME series, and are here to learn how to continue to play online with the GameReplays community. Well, you've come to the right place.

There are two steps to this process. First, you should install the patch that our community plays on. Then, you should install the program that will allow you to play with us online.

Unofficial 2.02

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The Unofficial 2.02 project began in August 2007 after a more or less clear indication by EA that it essentially had no intention of further patching RotWK. Consequently, the decision was made to create a community-produced patch. Unofficial 2.02 has gone through a long process of "fixing" RotWK, as ever since the game's release it has been clear several elements of the official version of RotWK were broken. Issues at hand included bugs and grave imbalances, as well as useless units, structures, and powers. After years of updates, the patch has now reached a very mature and balanced stage. It extensively revamps several aspects of the game as needed, without gravely altering the principles of gameplay used in 2.01. The primary objective of Unofficial 2.02 is to leave RotWK players with the familiarity they have acquired playing 2.01, but nevertheless make gameplay far more enjoyable by making underused aspects of the game better, fixing bugs, and balancing the game.

Although Unofficial 2.02 is considered by nearly every knowledgeable player to be a superior patch to 2.01, since it is designed specifically to correct commonly-accepted flaws in 2.01, it never became popular with the online community beyond GameReplays and ClanWars for the simple reason that it was never necessary to play online. Since the majority of players used 2.01, it was hard to find non-ClanWars games on Unofficial 2.02, so most players continued to play 2.01, even though it is an inferior patch. And for good reason: why would you wait forever to get a game on Unofficial 2.02, when it is downright simple to find games on 2.01? As such, up until now, GameReplays has wisely supported both 2.01 and Unofficial 2.02, and the GameReplays community has used both patches to play online.

But now that EA is shutting down its servers, we ourselves now get to decide how we want to play online. As a community, if we all choose to use Unofficial 2.02 instead of 2.01, then we'll be able to find games on Unofficial 2.02 with greater ease than 2.01. GameReplays wants this to happen, since we think you'll enjoy playing on Unofficial 2.02 the same types of games that you already play on 2.01, and with the same players. That's why we're putting the information about Unofficial 2.02 on this page even before information about continuing to play online. Unofficial 2.02 is for everyone: whether you like playing Fords of Isen II, Stonewain Valley, or Tower Wars, 1k or 4k, we guarantee that you'll appreciate the many improvements it makes to the game and its numerous fixes for serious bugs that are in 2.01.It is with great regret that we announce the discontinuation of support for our RotWK 2.01 section. With the server closure, it is important to maintain a unified RotWK community; otherwise, activity will be divided between multiple patches or server programs, and the game will wither and die. We recommend that all RotWK players download and use Unofficial 2.02, for the reasons presented above. We will maintain full support for the Unofficial 2.02 section and will strive to improve it continuously. Although parts of the 2.01 section will remain open for your use, we otherwise cannot divide up our resources further when they are most needed to keep a strong, unified community on one patch.

Now that you have the patch, you need the client that will allow you to play with us online.