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Tip of the Week #23: They'll Be Bugging Us No More!

By Lord Nevets - 4th October 2009 - 20:56 PM

Have you ever had the problem with Wolf Riders when you order them to move or attack but the Thrall Master behind them is stuck in a strange spot and the Riders won’t move, except for an odd, slow, shaky movement forward? All you have to do to correct this is to select them and press the "S" button on your keyboard to stop them, then the Thrall Master will fall into place and allow you control over your battalion again. This minor bug does not happen all that often but when it does it can be a costly bug especially if it happens early game. This bug happens mostly when you clump your Riders around a resource building or sometimes when you attack a unit, and after it is destroyed the Thrall Master keeps facing in the direction he was told to attack and won’t go with the other Wolf Riders when given a command.

IPB Image
In this screenshot, the builder is killed and quickly the horde is ordered to move in the direction of the arrows toward the red "X", but the Thrall Master was stuck in the direction facing what's left of the Builder.

IPB Image
In this second screenshot, there was a Farm in the spot where the red box was and the Thrall Master keeps looking towards where it was, even after the horde has been commanded to move in the direction of the red arrows.

This video shows the Wolf Rider bug and how it is fixed.

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