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Tip of the Week #14: What Has Twelve Legs and a Huge Trunk?

By Lord Nevets - 9th November 2008 - 11:10 AM

No, it's not some kind of super Mumak, it's a Battering Ram. In this Tip of the Week I will explain a few good ways to use the Isengard and Mordor Rams and also the Dwarven version, the Demolisher.

Isengard and Mordor are the only factions to have the basic Ram, which you can get from their own Siege Works without having to upgrade the structure. Each Ram will cost you 450 resources.

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This is a Battering Ram.

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The Dwarven Demolisher is a lot different in the way of armor and can crush units, even pikes too! It also has the ability to deploy and become immobile with increased armor and can be brought from a level two Forge Works for 600 resources after paying 500 resources for the level two upgrade.

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When Is the Best Time to Use a Ram?

The best time is as early as you can get away with, because in late game the enemy will no doubt have upgrades such as Fire Arrows that will murder a Ram in seconds, thus making it a failure. So if you have the chance to produce a Ram before the enemy can gather its true strength, you may find yourself in a position to strike at the Fortress. A good time to strike with a Ram would be when the enemy army has moved away from the main base (prehaps making an attack on your turf or harassing, etc.), or maybe you are sending a Ram as a last ditch attempt at victory before a larger enemy force ends the game in the enemy's favor.

If you see your chance to use a Ram there are a few basic things you can do in order to up your chances of it being a success.
  1. Try to lure the enemy away from his Fortress with the bulk of your army.
  2. When you are able to lure the enemy away you will still need to protect your Ram; sending one or two pike hordes should do the trick as the most typical response from the enemy should they spot the Ram before it attacks is to send mounted units or a mounted hero.
  3. Try to keep the Ram as close to its protection as you can. A good way to do this is to move the Ram's protection units as close to it as you can and select the Ram and the units and press the 'A' key and then click on the location you wish to move to. This will ensure all the selected units move at the same speed until they arrive or they run into a target, in which case they will auto attack it... so keep a watchful eye on your Ram party.
  4. With the Dwarven Demolisher you treat it as a normal Ram but remember it can run over the enemy.
  5. Also with the Demolisher when you reach the intended target be sure to click the Deploy button so you can attack the target and take a lot less damage.
  6. With Isengard you may want to send Lurtz along because he can Cripple a fast response mounted enemy hero, which will allow you more time to deal damage.
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Updated March 6th, 2011