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Tip of the Week #7: A Fiery Shower

By Thorin - 20th July 2008 - 10:14 AM

Welcome to yet another Tip of the Week. This time we'll have a look at Boiling Oil, Oil Casks, and Magma Cauldrons, and how extremely useful they can be when you need a strong defence.

Three factions have this powerful fortress upgrade: Dwarves, Men of the West, and Mordor. These powers can be lifesavers and can wipe out entire armies clumped to your fortress. They are almost identical, save that the Dwarven version has a smaller radius. It is easier to escape from than the others, but still, if well timed, it can be hard to dodge even on-host. What most people also easily fall for is the fast recharge (30 seconds), they think that when it's been used, they have enough time to retry to only fall into the trap when it has been recharged.

The amount of damage, 600 flame, is so much that even an upgraded Dwarven or Isengard army will have to suffer the consequences. Even Berserkers will not stand up to this amount of flame damage. Just remember, these abilities don't do much damage to heroes. Below is a picture of an Isengard army before the oil has been poured on the enemies and afterwards.


IPB Image


IPB Image

Quite effective, isn't it? If you are one of these three factions and you have the resources, I would always invest in this because a good defense is never a bad thing to have. You can be caught unaware by a powerful force of your opponent, meant to take out your Fortress. This can easily be solved by any of these three abilities and otherwise, it might have cost you the game.

That concludes this week's Tip. I hope you found it informative, useful and thank you for reading it. Be sure to check out the next one!

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Updated June 15, 2010