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RotWK Patch 2.02 v7.0.0 Download Page

Download 2.02 v7.0.0 Full Installer

It is recommended that you install the full version of the installer as it includes previous version replay compatibility all the way back to version, as well as 80+ new music tracks for you to enjoy in-game.


If you are on a budget, and have no choice, you may download the mini version (smaller download size) which does not include previous version replay compatibility nor the new music tracks.

2.02 v7.0.0 Mini Version (Standard Screen)

2.02 v7.0.0 Mini Version (Wide Screen)

You must update your game with the official 2.01 patch in order to play 2.02. Navigate to RotWK in the Start Menu and select "Check for Updates" to get 2.01 (run as admin). Install 2.02 using one of the links above after you have installed the official 2.01 patch.

The widescreen patch increases the vertical viewing area of the game on widescreen 16:9 monitors to match the intended viewing area that otherwise is only available using traditional monitors. Additionally, it will stretch many UI elements to make them look better in a widescreen resolution. Please be sure to select a widescreen resolution using the patch launcher if you download the widescreen patch.

Language Packs (last updated for 3.6.1)

These language packs are to be downloaded IN ADDITION to the actual patch (above). No language pack is necessary for English users. If your game is in an unsupported language, then you can still play 2.02, but none of the in-game text will be updated. Your game must be installed in the indicated language in order to use a language pack, with the exception of the Czech language pack, which must be installed in English.

Italian ~ Chinese (Traditional) ~ Polish ~ German ~ Dutch ~ Spanish ~ Czech ~ French

These translations were time-consuming to produce, and, asides from the Italian version, they are provided by the community, not the 2.02 team. Huge thanks to Mrak (Italian), choimo (Traditional Chinese), Vonihidilix (Polish), melkor555 and turin86 (German), MasterBBQ (Dutch), THEJI (Spanish), MarKr (Czech), and Dadoone (French) for their work on the translations. Credit also to David "kramla" KramoliÜ for his work on the original RotWK Czech translation, used with permission.

Very Old Versions

It is VERY IMPORTANT to uninstall a pre-3.0.0 version of 2.02 before updating to a newer version. Enable 2.02 with the patch launcher before uninstalling. Then, remove 2.02 using the Add or Remove Programs tool in your Control Panel, or by running Uninstal.exe in your game directory (typically C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king). There should be no files containing "202" left in your game directory. Foreign language users, be sure to uninstall your language pack as well, again either in Control Panel or with Uninstall202lang.exe. If you do not completely uninstall pre-3.0.0 versions, the patch will not work properly.

If you want to install a pre-3.0.0 version of 2.02 for replay compatibility, downloads are available here.

Technical Problem?

If you have any technical issues with the patch, please post in the Tech Support Forum with your question or a detailed description of your technical problem.

Special credits to Locutus for hosting the files!