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RotWK Patch 2.02 v9.0.0 Download Page


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Download Patch 2.02 v9.0.0 Full Installer

Alternative Download Link

V9.0.0 Release announcement

Download BFME2, RotWK, & Associated Files

The full version of the 2.02 patch which includes replay compatibility support + new LotR music tracks.

The widescreen option provided inside the installer increases the vertical viewing area of the game on widescreen 16:9 monitors to match the intended viewing area that otherwise is only available using traditional monitors. Additionally, it will stretch many UI elements to make them look better in a widescreen resolution. We recommend installing the widescreen version for most modern monitors.

If you have trouble setting up the game, patch, or getting the delay fix to properly work in-game, please reach out to us via Discord where we'll be able to provide live help.

Antivirus Whitelisting
Based on recent feedback, some 2.02 files are occasionally flagged as malicious malware by antivirus software. However, this is a false positive and all 2.02 files are perfectly safe. We would therefore strongly recommend whitelisting the RotWK directory before the installation to prevent potential problems. In the following section, you can find a short guide on how to go about the whitelisting process in Windows Defender.

How to whitelist files in Windows Defender

In the case of the Windows Defender, we can browse the Microsoft Support website here. We will summarize the steps:
  1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection
  2. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add or remove exclusions.
  3. Select Add an exclusion, and then select the RotWK directory (folder).
    Usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king
  4. After successfully adding the RotWK directory to the whitelist you should end up with it in the Exclusion list, as shown in the image below.

    IPB Image
In case your machine uses different antivirus software, we suggest following the corresponding guide.

If you want to confirm that you've downloaded the correct file, we provide the checksum (SHA256 hash) of the 202_v9_full.exe file. Note: you can easily generate the hash value via this website.

SHA256: 44dea1de3f40c2bbc2f643944aa4a37170cc056444ffbe521c84c27ebca86c97

The Patch 2.02 Launcher allows toggling
  • Patch 2.02 or 2.01
  • Older versions of 2.02 for replay support
  • Game resolution
  • New music tracks for game
  • Enable/disable option for the off-host delay fix
  • Enable/disable option the in-game timer
  • Enable/disable option the intro movies
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Please remember to enable the delay fix in the patch launcher after installation.

Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League

Register an account on the RotWK 2.02 Discord Server in order to participate in ranked games.

Q: What is the RotWK 2.02 League?
A: The 2.02 League is a competitive ladder based on an ELO point system made to replace ClanWars. Players can play against anyone regardless of their ELO placement. It is available to those who play Patch 2.02 v9.0.0.

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Q: Do I need to install any programs in order to participate?
A: No. All 2.02 League actions are handled via our Discord server linked above

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Q: Are there any guides or tutorials to help me get started?
A: Yes, refer to our league info page here.

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Language Packs

These language packs are to be downloaded IN ADDITION to the actual patch (above). No language pack is necessary for English users. If your game is in an unsupported language, then you can still play 2.02, but none of the in-game text will be updated. Your game must be installed in the indicated language in order to use a language pack, with the exception of the Czech language pack, which must be installed in English.

These translations were time-consuming to produce, and, asides from the Italian version, they are provided by the community, not the 2.02 team. Huge thanks to Nameless (Russian), Mrak and Denroth (Italian), choimo (Traditional Chinese), Vonihidilix (Polish), Jan, HerrX, melkor555, turin86 and Lukey (German), MasterBBQ (Dutch), THEJI (Spanish), MarKr (Czech), Dadoone, Zaidixe, Achille44, Elrohir and Fafa (French) and Ultimategladia (Spanish) for their work on the translations. Credit also to David "kramla" KramoliÜ for his work on the original RotWK Czech translation, used with permission.

LanguageRotwk - 2.02
Chinese (Simplified)Looking for Translators
Chinese (Traditional)Download
Dutch Looking for Translators
NorwegianLooking for Translators
PolishLooking for Translators
SpanishLooking for Translators (Old download)
SwedishLooking for Translators
ThaiLooking for Translators

Very Old Versions

It is VERY IMPORTANT to uninstall a pre-3.0.0 version of 2.02 before updating to a newer version. Enable 2.02 with the patch launcher before uninstalling. Then, remove 2.02 using the Add or Remove Programs tool in your Control Panel, or by running Uninstal.exe in your game directory (typically C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king). There should be no files containing "202" left in your game directory. Foreign language users, be sure to uninstall your language pack as well, again either in Control Panel or with Uninstall202lang.exe. If you do not completely uninstall pre-3.0.0 versions, the patch will not work properly.

If you want to install a pre-3.0.0 version of 2.02 for replay compatibility, downloads are available here.

Technical Problem?

If you have any technical issues with the patch, please post in the Tech Support Forum with your question or a detailed description of your technical problem. You may also join our Discord server for live support.