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Sisters of Battle Field Guide

By Ninjabutter - 15th March 2008 - 02:53 AM

IPB Image

Building Overview

IPB Image Ecclesiarchal Chapel - 450 IPB Image 0 IPB Image

The Ecclesiarchal Chapel is the headquarters building of the Sisters of Battle. Under normal multiplayer circumstances, it is the only building you start the game with. The Ecclesiarchal Chapel is very tough, boasting 6000 hit points of building_high armor class. It produces your simplest units, Ecclesiarchal Servitors and Missionaries, as well as the Confessor, a powerful later-game Commander unit. It generates Requisition but no Power. This is also where you research the "Emperor's Touch" and "Divine Retribution" Acts of Faith. It can be equipped with Laud Hailers.

Your Chapel can also be upgraded, an essential part of the game. Upgrading your headquarters, first to an Ecclesiarchal Cathedral, then to an Ecclesiarchal Citadel, unlocks new units, new upgrades, and allows you to increase your Requisition/Power income rates.

Each additional Ecclesiarchal Chapel you build costs 250 IPB Image 150 IPB Image more than the previous one.

IPB Image Listening Post - 90 IPB Image 0 IPB Image

Listening posts are placed on captured Strategic Points and Relics to prevent the enemy from de-capturing them, increase your Requisition income from that point, and serve as a base for your Holy Icons. You can also upgrade them to provide more Requisition and add weapons to the post. Holy Icons increase your maximum Faith level as well as detect enemy infiltrated units. Each Holy Icon is progressively more expensive than the last one.

IPB Image Plasma Generator - 135 IPB Image 0 IPB Image

Generators of any kind exist only to produce the Power resource, which is necessary to upgrade your units and headquarters, as well as purchase higher-level units and buildings. Generators must be protected as they are vulnerable to early rush attacks and can violently explode when destroyed, damaging other nearby units or buildings.

IPB Image Inferno Turret - 90 IPB Image 45 IPB Image

One of your two defensive structures, turrets can be an effective means of stopping a quick enemy rush, or serve to protect a lone path or bridge too far away for your troops to keep watch over. They do not have to be built in control zones like most other buildings. The initial weapon is effective against infantry units but does virtually nothing to vehicles or buildings. In Tier 2, you can upgrade the weapon to an anti-tank gun that does just the opposite. All turrets, regardless of their weapons, will detect infiltrated units.

IPB Image Purgatus Minefield - 25 IPB Image 25 IPB Image

Minefields are your other defensive structure, though they aren't really a "structure" in the most literal sense. They are instead small bombs planted under the ground that burst into flames when enemy units walk over them. They become infiltrated after your Servitor finishes building them. They are useful only one time but burn for several seconds. While minefield do not actually reveal enemy infiltrators, they do attack them if the infiltrators walk within range, and can tip you off to their presence.

IPB Image Adeptus Sororitas Convent - 250 IPB Image 0 IPB Image

The Convent is the barracks unit of the Battle Sisters, producing most of your infantry units as well as holding certain upgrades to them. Battle Sister squads, Seraphim squads, the Canoness, Celestian squads, Death-cult Assassins, and the Sisters Repentia are all built here. Researchable upgrades include Phosphor Grenades, Krak Grenades, and Improved Field Logistics.

IPB Image Pristine Sanctuary - 175 IPB Image 50 IPB Image

The Sanctuary is the primary building for upgrading and equipping your squads. This building is required to put heavy weapons in your Battle Sisters squads or research grenades. Inside it, you will find a variety of researches, including Blessed Ammunition, Blessed Armor, Inferno Pistols, Heavy Weapon Increases, Power Weapons, Master-crafted Weapons, Psyocculums, Laud Hailers, and the Zealot Charge upgrade. These will all be discussed later.

IPB Image Holy Reliquary - 125 IPB Image 50 IPB Image

The Reliquary is similar to the Pristine Sanctuary, allowing research and upgrades while not producing any actual units. Upgrades and researches include the Commander Veteran upgrades, the Chaplet Ecclesiasticus, Martyr's Gift, and the Holy Edict and Ascension Acts of Faith.

IPB Image Thermo-plasma Generator - 275 IPB Image 0 IPB Image

A larger version of the Plasma Generator, the Thermo-plasma Generator is much bigger, much more expensive, and produces a much higher amount of power. However, it can only be built on slag deposits.

IPB Image Manufactorum - 200 IPB Image 125 IPB Image

The Manufactorum is the vehicle producing building of the Sisters, allowing you access to some of their most awesomely destructive units. The Manufactorum produces Rhino Transports, Immolators, Exorcists, Lightning Fighters, and the Penitent Engines. Upgrades and researches include Conflagration, Improved Mechanized Production Efficiency, Reinforced Hull Plating, and Improved Reactor Core. As before, these will all be discussed later.

IPB Image Shrine of the Living Saint - 450 IPB Image 450 IPB Image

The Shrine of the Living Saint serves two purposes to a Sisters player. First and foremost, it allows access to your top-level units, Penitent Engines (though they are not built here). Secondly, it produces your most powerful unit, the Living Saint, provided you have a captured Relic in your possession as well. Even if you have no Relic, it's still worth it to build the Shrine so you can make Penitent Engines.