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Starcraft 2 Zerg Details & Trailer

By AgmLauncher - 12th March 2008 - 04:55 AM

It’s official, and the zerglings are out of the bag. Following closely on the heals of yesterday’s zerg announcement, we’ve got more juicy details on the third faction in Starcraft 2. Like the Protoss and Terrans, the Zerg are a mix of familiarity and significant differences. While virtually all of the staple units remain intact, there are some new additions and changes to the tech tree which fundamentally alters the way the Zerg are played.

Units & Tech tree (values follow this format: minerals-gas-food-build time)
Drone 50-x-1-16
Overlord 100-x-x-25
Zergling 50-x-1-23 (comes in pairs) - Requires Spawing Pool
Roach 75-25-1-23 - Requires Roach Den
Hydralisk 100-50-2-23 - Hydralisk Den
Morph to Lurker 25-75-33 - Deep Warren (upgrade from Nydus Warren)
Nydus Worm 100-100-2-33 - Nydus Warren
Infestor 100-100-2-33 - Nydus Warren
Mutalisk 100-100-2-33 - Spire
Morph to Swarm Guadian - unknown
Corruptor 150-100-2-40 - Spire
Ultralisk 300-200-4-70 - Ultralisk Cavern
Queen Limit 1 - 150-x-x-25 - Spawning Pool.

Official Zerg announcement trailer