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Weekly Comsat #11

By Omega-1 MR - 19th November 2008 - 16:36 PM

Additionally, Karune and Cydra have also posted several times at the official Battle.net forums to answer questions posted by a few members from there. The first thing Karune clears up is that the Terran Merc Haven (the building with a hologram of a tabledancer at the top) is removed from the multiplayer part of Starcraft 2 while the Ghost Academy is the prerequisite for Ghosts and the place where Nuclear Missiles are built. The Merc Haven will probably be a campaign building instead.

One question that was asked ended up having a rather curious answer. A member wanted to know a few specific details on the Zerg Changeling's ability. Marines one unit the Changeling can turn into has two different appearances: one with a shield and one without. If a Changeling doesn't blend in accordingly, it could get spotted too easily, making its ability a lot less useful. That is why according to Cydra the Changeling does change into a Marine with shield provided the Terran player has upgraded the Marine with shields. However, the Changeling doesn't have the ability. That means it has no additional hit points from carrying the shield and doesn't have a speed boost from Zealots the other unit type it can turn into if they are upgraded.

Next to this, Cydra has dropped a message on the Zerg Overlord. He pointed out that in Starcraft 2 - opposed to Brood War - there are two ways of increasing an Overlord's speed. Indeed, morphing an Overlord into an Overseer is just one way to make an Overlord faster, as the global speed upgrade from Brood War is still available. Just like in Brood War it is researched at the Lair. It will be interesting to see the different tech patterns for Zerg players, whether they want a single Overlord with all of the Overseer's various abilities of if they want to spend a lot more money on making all Overlords faster. These types of strategies will of course only start developing when the game is released, but there are definitely already a number of possibilities the Zerg player is going to have at his disposal.

That was everything on Starcraft 2 that was released this week. Head back next week for more information from all around the internet!