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VG247 Interview With Dustin Browder

Thursday, 11 Mar 2010
For those of you interested in the StarCraft 2 developers plans for the Beta, and their thoughts on its progress so far, this is the perfect read. Lead game designer Dustin Browder recently gave VG247 an interview covering all of these bases and more, and here it is.VG247: What level of...
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Starcraft 2 Replay System Review

Wednesday, 10 Mar 2010
StarCraft 2 beta had been launched not so long ago and along with it came the brand new replay system - showcased by Blizzard in their Battle Reports. It's been hyped by the developers plenty. People theorized about what features would be included and whether it'd live up to the expectations....

Starcraft 2 Beta: First Impressions Interview

Tuesday, 23 Feb 2010
There is a jealous atmosphere amongst many members at the minute. As they sit wondering, a select few get to play the game we have all been eagerly anticipating for nearly 3 years. GameReplays.org will not allow the unlucky to go without the inside scoop though, and those of us on staff without...

Gamereplays Interviews Artosis!

Saturday, 13 Feb 2010
Recently Gamereplays had the chance to have a chat with Artosis on the Starcraft 2 Beta and how it will effect the E-Sports world, amongst other things, enjoy!Gamereplays.org: Hey Artosis, the Gamereplays.org community may not know a lot about you, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?...

Starcraft 2 And E-Sports, A Successful Venture?

Saturday, 19 Sep 2009
Over the last 2 years, there has been a lot of din about Starcraft 2 being the definitive gaming platform for e-sports generations of present and of those to come. So, what Blizzard is trying to do is familiarize people with the basic concept of e-sports way before the game itself is released....

Zerg at BlizzCon

Friday, 4 Sep 2009
Recently a Gamereplays.org and EPIC member, Elegy released his thoughts on Zerg which he focused on at BlizzCon.BlizzCon is an interesting place. It is full of people with similar interests, has its own groups and cliques, and, most importantly, is a haven for the best of competitive gaming. On...

Gamereplays.org's Thoughts On Blizzcon And StarCraft 2 Zerg

Wednesday, 2 Sep 2009
Blizzcon '09 has come and gone, but we all had fun. Many of us from Gamereplays.org were there, and we got plenty of playtime between us. Elegy and I will be discussing our impressions of the Zerg. While I will write this in the first person, I am referring to what both Elegy and I, along with...
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d.Apollo's Trip To Korea And i37

Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
Korea and i37Hey all readers, thought I would write up a little blog about my recent trip to South Korea, which many people already know about and then sum up my time at i37!KoreaI just arrived back from a 2 month trip in South Korea, and wanted to share my opinion and thoughts about the country...

Starcraft 2: What We Know So Far Part 4

Monday, 10 Aug 2009
For many, Starcraft 2 footage is incredibly hard to come by. Without access to conventions like Blizzcon or E-stars, fans have to look to Blizzard or other fans to upload VODs of Starcraft 2 gameplay. In a very successful marketing and public relations move, Blizzard decided to put together a...

Starcraft 2: What We Know So Far Part 3

Thursday, 23 Jul 2009
Starcraft 2 Meta GameOne of the pain staking tasks tackled by Starcraft 2's lead designer, Dustin Browder and for Blizzard itself, was to find the balance between what to keep from the original Starcraft and what to remove or add upon. It's safe to say this ongoing decision was not taken lightly...