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GOM-tv MSL Final: Bisu vs Mind

By PKZeppelin - 21st November 2007 - 21:18 PM

IPB Image

IPB Image

On November 17th, MSL Final took a part of each Korean's life. Park Sung Gyoon, known in the gaming world as Inter.Mind, newbie in StarCraft Pro-Gaming and still a little known Terran player, defeated a well-known and probably the best Protoss player in the world, Bisu[Shield]. Nobody expected that this young Terran, will factically "own" pro-gaming shark and MSL ex-champion Bisu, who was absolute tournament favorite. Bisu is fighting in both MSL and OSL leagues, so fatigue was one of the main roles in his defeat. On second set, Bisu got the victory, but it didn't stop Mind's genious tactics straight to victory.
Interesting fact : Inter.Mind set the record of the youngest MSL champion, being 16 years old. Congratulations to the winner and hopefully, we'll see greatest victories of 'Scholar Terran', that's how fans call their new idol.

Inter.Mind - 1 - 0 (Zodiac)- Bisu[Shield]
Inter.Mind - 1 - 1 (Blue Storm) - Bisu[Shield]
Inter.Mind - 2 - 1 (Python) - Bisu[Shield]
Inter.Mind - 3 - 1 (Loki II) - Bisu[Shield]

MSL Final VODs

Youtube videos the showing final MSL game and interview with the winner, including english subtitles! (All credits to Jon747 aka BaeZZi)

Inter.Mind vs Bisu[Shield] [17 November, 2007] 4set @ MSL Finals

Ending Part of MSL Season 3 - Interview