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Starcraft 2 Beta Announced!

By Omega-1 MR - 10th February 2010 - 22:46 PM

Less than half an hour ago, Activision-Blizzard revealed to their investors - and with them, to the entire world - that the Starcraft 2 beta is ready to be launched this month, February 2010.

Every year, Blizzard makes a conference call for their investors which is also a good source of reliable information for the Blizzard communities. In 2009, for instance, we discovered through one of these calls that Blizzard was not going to release the beta in 2009.

While Mike Morhaime was speaking, this slide was shown, clearly stating Blizzard's intentions to launch the beta this month:

We can only hope this is really the case! After all those years of waiting, suddenly hearing that the beta is going to be released in less than a month? Could this be too good to be true? Keep visiting Star2.org for more information on the subject!

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