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Did Starcraft Break A One Day Sales Record?

By JimRaynor - 29th July 2010 - 19:18 PM

VGChartz.com estimated three to four million people in South Korea playing SC2 on day one along with 1.8 million sales in the rest of the world. This would give Starcraft 2 the best day one sales total of any PC game in history.

SC2 Estimated Sales Over One Million In The USA on July 27

The USA is not exactly a hot bed of support for the RTS genre. The fact Activision-Blizzard managed to sell over 1 million copies in 1 day must be considered pleasant surprise. Altogether 1.8 million copies are estimated sold outside of Korea. 31% sold directly on Battle.Net making the profitability of the game for Activision-Blizzard very high. Retailers typically get 20% mark up on physical boxed copies sold. For a Battle.Net sold version of SC2 Activision-Blizzard gets all the customer's money.

Three to Four Million In Sales in South Korea estimated

A jaw dropping estimate of three to four million sales for South Korea puts the world wide total up to almost five million in one day. Every RTS fan who feared the death of the genre now awaits Blizzard's announcement of its one day sales total. Can one company with one game bring an entire genre back to life outside of Asia? Other multiplayer RTS games are getting hit hard by the SC2 release. The Command & Conquer site monitoring online competition CnCBoards.net has experienced its lowest 2 day traffic totals in more than three months.

Is Wrath of the Lich King Still The One Days Sales King?

The WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King sold 2.8 million units world wide in day one. The entire RTS world awaits a Blizzard announcement revealing if Starcraft 2 exceeded these sales figures. The fact that a niche market game can sell this well is a tribute to the incredible quality Blizzard brings to its games and its impeccable reputation.

The BNet2 Boycott Almost Worked - 6.7 Billion Stay Away!

Almost 6.7 Billion people chose to stay away from Starcraft 2 on July 27th. To be exact the crack research staff at GameReplays.org has determined a minimum of 6,694,254,041 people elected to avoid purchasing Starcraft 2 on July 27th. Back to reality: the whining and complaining about BNet2's shortcomings, the high price of the game, and the trilogy split have proven to be irrelavent. Much of the complaining about SC2 related to enormously high expectations by a rabid fan base. These expectations are somewhat well founded: fans are hoping Blizzard can make another game as great as previous Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo titles.

Single Player Campaign Getting Rave Reviews

PC Gaming Enthusiasts knew the SC2 multiplayer game they purchased on July 27th was a quality product based upon the five month beta test. The great unknown was the thirty mission single player campaign. It is receiving stellar reviews. I am not a big fan of RTS single player campaigns. However, SC2:Wings of Liberty is the best single player RTS campaign I've ever played. Activision employed its new real time rendering and mouth movement technology. Activision's facial movement technology gives a level of realism never before seen for computer generated cut scenes. I am not sure how many other Activision-Blizzard games employ this mouth movement technology, but it works great.

Early impressions of Starcraft2 on mainstream gaming sites include 1UP.com, IGN.com, and GameSpot.com.

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