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By United_Strafes - 21st January 2011 - 01:29 AM

With the new patch came the long awaited chat functionality. Star2.org will be the place to be in-game for GameReplays.org members. Here you can meet with other members, make friends, play pickup games, and talk anything StarCraft 2. Chat channels are also a great way to get everyone together if you want to run your own tournament or king of the hill. If you have any questions about chat channels take a look at this extensive Blizzard Q&A.

Q: What is the difference between Public and Private Chat channels?
A: Public channels are channels that everyone can see and are created by the server. Every user sees the Public channel list when they login (and these show up white/grey). There can also be multiple instances of Public channels. Private channels on the other hand are only seen if the user adds the channel to their list (and show up green) and are created by users. There can only be one instance of a Private channel.

Q: How do I leave a channel/remove a channel from my list?
A: Clicking the "X" simply leaves the channel, however there is currently no way to remove a private channel from your list. Logging out does not clear this either. The list currently keeps track of the last 5 channels you have created/joined/been invited to and bumps the 6th from your list.

Q: What name do users see when in Channels?
A: With Real ID enabled you'll see your own name while in a chat channel, as well as the real name for any of your Real ID friends. It functions very much like the other private chat channels that existed previously. If you aren't Real ID friends with someone, your real name won't be shown to them.

If you don't use Real ID you can disable the Real ID option through your account settings at https://us.battle.net/account/management/se...munication.html

If you do use Real ID and have Real ID friends you can be assured that your real name is not shown to anyone you are not Real ID friends with.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of channels we can be in at once?
A: Yes, you can only be in 1 Public channel at a time and the max amount of channels combined is 6. So if you are in 1 Public channel, you can only use 5 Private channels. If you aren't in a Public channel, you can be in 6 Private channels. Seems complicated, I know...

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of users that can be in a channel at once?
A: Yes, the Public channel limit is 50 and the Private channel limit is 100.

Q: Are there home channels?
A: Sorta? These aren't home channels per se, however you can set the game to automatically rejoin private channels you had open when you last logged out. Menu > Options > Battle.net > "Auto-Join Private Channels" checkbox.

Q: Can I change the instance of the Public channel I am in?
A: Yes, and as I said before, there are only "instances" of Public channels, not Private channels. With that in mind, if you are in a public channel, you will see an arrow on the top-left corner of the window, just click that and select the instance you wish to be moved to. It will automatically leave the current instance and join the one you selected.

Q: How do I easily switch between channels?
A: By default, you can press CTRL+TAB to switch from your current channel to the next channel to the right. Similarly, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to move one channel left from your current channel.

Q: Can I invite a friend to my Channel?
A: Yup! Click the "+ button on the channel window (next to the close, minimize, and move buttons) and select the friend(s) you want to add.

Q: Can I decline a channel invite?
A: Unfortunately there is currently no way to decline invites, you are automatically added to the channel list if you do not have the maximum amount of channels open already.

Q: Are there Clan/Op channels where I can be moderator?
A: No, there are currently no channels made specifically for groups other than Private channels. There are also no channels that allow moderation.

Q: How many messages can I send at a time?
A: Currently, you can send 3 messages approximately every 10 seconds. It also seems like you can only send a certain amount of messages every 30 seconds as well. More research needs to be done on this.

Q: How many characters can I send per message?
A: There is a max of 255 characters per message.

Q: What can channel names consist of?
A: Channel names can be a maximum of 31 characters long and are case insensitive. Surprisingly, channel names can consist of any combination of unicode characters, symbols, and numbers.

Q: Can I report a user?
A: You sure can! Right-click the user and click "More..." > "Report Player" option.

Q: Can I squelch/ignore a user?
A: Yes, and this is a permanent squelch as well. Right-click the user and click "More..." > "Block Communication" option. In addition, you can manage the squelched users in Menu > Options > Battle.net > "Blocked Communication" field.

Q: Do Slash commands work in channels?
A: No, slash commands do not work in channels. Slash commands, i.e: /w name, /time, /who, etc, are not available in chat at this time.

Q: How can I toggle chat channel text from appearing in-game
A: Menu > Options > Battle.net > "Show chat channel messages in-game" checkbox.

Q: How can I toggle the profanity/mature language filter?
A: Menu > Options > Battle.net > "Mature Language Filter" checkbox.Source: Blizzard

Be sure to check out Star2.org as the official GameReplays.org chat!