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Meta-Game Magic - The Magic Roll of the Dice

By Lynskey - 1st June 2012 - 13:58 PM

If you play a lot of SC2 and listen to what other people have to say about it, you'll have heard the phrase "dice-roll" more than once. It was bellowed out as a clarion call by Protoss players for months on end when they were asked about PvP, Zerg's used it when talking about Terran pressures, it's been a pervading part of how people moan about SC2 from the beginning up until the present.

For Meta-Game Magic this week, the term "dice-roll" refers to being one of those bold, courageous types who likes to roll Random. Shaft's guide through the world of Randoming comes from his guest on the show, LGimbaASfuts, who explains his thought processes as playing any race as well as playing any map might be his next match.

Random tends to be a step too far for the vast majority of players outside of drunken 3AM team games, but it's most definitely the best way to squeeze the most replay value out of SC2. So let Shaft and ASfuts ease some of the stress and show you how simple, easy to execute game-plans are the key to having fun without having a race.