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More from SC2England!

By Lynskey - 18th June 2012 - 19:34 PM

Here we go again, another round of top notch casts from SC2England. Same as last week we've got a ton of casts from Antec Attack as well as a load of KSL Games and a few extra goodies.

Once more the Antec fun sees SC2England joined by Pughy, and features such luminaries as Cloud, Happy and Kas. The first game features a spicy ZvZ between Cytoplasm and LZ and gets hotter from thereon out.

So click right here to view the full playlist and dive into the fun.

The KSL games showcase some of the better known and lesser knowns from the world's leading server, including a game between two huge fan favourites Bomber and San.

To view the rest click here for the entire YouTube playlist

As well as that veritable feast of videos there's also a few odds and ends from the last week or so for you to enjoy. There's a best of 3 between Hyun and the recently disgraced Spades from the ZOTAC cup and Haypro taking on Targa from the Razer Replaypack of the Week.

So happy viewing and be sure to stay tuned to the StarCraft II Portal for more video from SC2England soon.