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Meta-Game Magic - Fast 3-Base PvZ!

By Lynskey - 28th June 2012 - 11:59 AM

It's time to get all Meta once again with LGShaft as he comes storming in with another episode of Meta-Game Magic. This time around he's looking at Protoss versus Zerg, specifically a Fast 3-Base strategy. As PvZ has evolved we've seen the match-up gravitate towards those beastly, meaty endgame units, and what better way to get there fast than a thriving early economy.

Joining Shaft is former vVv Protoss player EzalB, who guides us through the build. Openings that are massively economy focused are always tricky and with safety being a treacherous tightrope you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get it to work. EzalB showcases one of the oldest tricks in the RTS book, harass your opponent and get your next base up and running while they are occupied. It's simple, highly effective and sets you up nicely for the late-game when the Brood Lords are flying and the Infestors are, well, infesting.

So if you're a Protoss getting bored with your 2-Base timings and finding the match-up becoming predictable let Shaft and EzalB guide you through a new build for your arsenal before you take it to the ladder and dominate with it.