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Antec Antics and More from SC2England

By Lynskey - 28th June 2012 - 19:52 PM

Well shiver me timbers if it isn't time to sail away on the S.S. StarCraft II once more with our faithful captain SC2England. What's in store this time? Well we've got two weeks worth of goodies including games from Antec Attack, the 4PL Tournament, DreamHack Summer and much more.

SC2England's Pick of the Week is a PvZ between TypeReaL and Hazed. It's a match-up that is characterised by the big end-game units and oh boy does this game have a lot of them. It's an action packed hour long affair with many twists and turns, and if you need a reason to watch then Carriers. Carriers. Lots of them.

Off the starboard bow we've got Antec Attack's 20 and 21 with Pughy once again being England's Captain's Mate. Antec 21 showcases a ton of matches from TSL's Hyun, as he sends waves of his Zerg forces on to the rocky shores of his opponents. As well as Hyun there's many more stars on show, including this funny little game between Bly and BabyKnight featuring an off-the-wall Zerg opening that I personally haven't seen for a long time.

So feel free to raise anchor and enjoy the whole Antec 20 YouTube playlist. Not enough Hyun for you? Well check him out again as well as BabyKnight and more in the 4PL Cup

Antec 20 sees Pughy on board once more and follows the voyage of Empire Kas as he tries to navigate through some choppy Korean waters before meeting his team-mate Happy in the final.

Over on Swedish shores we've got a couple of cool series from DreamHack Summer with Dimaga taking on Naniwa and Huk going up against Stephano in a handy playlist you can view right here. Have I exhausted the nautical references yet? Not at all, check out some proper Liquid with a look at a few games from Hero's recent replay pack.

To round off our voyage we've got all of the rest of the odds and ends from SC2England over the last two weeks, so have a browse through the list and see if your favourite player is in there.

EmpireKas vs RAGEBreathe - TvZ
Mill.Adel vs ECWelmu - PvP BO3
Lalush vs BabyKnight - ZvP
EmpireKas vs RAGEBreathe - TvZ
xSixPanther v NoRegreT - TvZ
TSLRevival vs BabyKnight - ZvP - Game One - Game Two
IdrA v ROOTPUck - ZvP
IdrA v SomeNoob - ZvT
HuK vs rybniq - PvT

And that's your lot. A pleasant cruise around a veritable ocean of SC2. Stay tuned to the GameReplays.org Portal for more content from SC2England and much more.