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Life Repeats as MLG Champion

By JimRaynor - 18th March 2013 - 18:14 PM

A new expansion pack, modified maps, and a totally different event format did not stop StarTale's Life from becoming the first player to win back-to-back MLG Championships. The sixteen year old Life, controlling the Zerg, defeated Brood War veteran, KT Rolster's Flash, four games to two in a best of seven series. Life couldn't be stopped and neither could the balance whining from prominent Zerg players.

Stephano went so far as to predict no Zerg making it to the finals. Heck, even the only back-to-back champion did a small balance whine when accepting the trophy!

With nary a Swarmhost nor a Viper in sight during games 2 through 6 of the finals, Life claimed victory for the Zerg. During the finals, from the Terran side, siege tanks were conspicuously absent. I suspect Flash felt as though siege tanks would result in the use of Vipers and their deadly abduct ability. Even from my platinum league perspective, trading 150 minerals and 125 gas for some easily replenishable Viper energy is a horrible exchange. Life only used Vipers in game one after he had a firm lead. Because MLG's first Heart of the Swarm event was so entertaining, I think Blizzard and/or David Kim should ignore the whining for now and just let the game settle down a bit before making any changes.

Life went the full five games with his second and third round Terran opponents. Fourteen minutes into his 5th and deciding Quarter Finals game with STX Soul's Last, he was down in supply and even in bases. Then, in the finals, Life dropped game two via a demoralizing proxy Barracks rush. Despite the many times he was staggered by tough competition, Life displayed the heart of a champion. All together he went 16-6 against Minigun, Polt, Last, MC, and Flash.

New Rivals: ESF versus KeSPA

The Korea versus "the rest of the world" ended a while ago with a landslide victory for Korea. Let's face it, non-Korean players are getting stomped by the better organized more disciplined Korean teams. Even more disheartening for fans of the Korea versus "The World" rivarly was HuK's predictions about the future of top level Starcraft play. HuK is more knowledgeable in this area than anyone, having spent more time practising SC2 in Korea than any other foreigner.

The major conflict developing on the battlefields of SC2 is now between the two biggest Korean eSports organizations, namely ESF and KeSPA. ESF, founded in March 2012, comprises StarTale, Incredible Miracle, Prime, MVP, New Star HoSeo, FXOpen e-Sports and AZUBA. While KeSPA, founded in 2000 and controlled by the South Korean ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is the more traditional organization. KT Rolster, Air Force ACE, CJ Entus, Samsung KHAN, SK Telecome T1, STX SouL, Team 8 and Woogjin Stars make up KeSPA. KeSPA is an acronym for Korea e-Sports Association. The rivalry grows at MLG with its past two finals having KeSPA player Flash against ESF player Life.

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