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New StarCraft 2 Replay Section Features!

By DJ_Chill - 2nd April 2013 - 10:28 AM

Greetings Commanders!

The StarCraft 2 section here on Gamereplays.org has unveiled a new replay system feature to help you spot those top games that are out there! This will allow you to determine the top replays from the rest, and shows when the most action-packed parts of the game are.

All Ladder matches will now display each player's number of Actions Per Minute. These statistics are calculated and then displayed as a graph. You can see this by clicking on the "Stats" tab within a replay.

IPB Image

Also for all matches, each players BattleNet account is now available to quick link to by simply mousing over the players name and clicking on it.

IPB Image

Only replays that have been recently uploaded will have this data calculated and displayed, so it will not be present on older replays. To distinguish between replays where these features can be used, replays which are displaying the statistics have a coloured strip and medal on the right hand side of the map preview box. The colour depends on the players ranks. This can be seen below:

IPB Image

And finally, all 1v1 Grand Master and Master replays are displayed in a new index!

IPB Image

We hope you enjoy these new features commanders! Make sure you keep an eye out for new changes and features coming soon!