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Starcraft 2 Beta and Updates

Starcraft enthusiasts, Blizzcon attendees and RTS fans from all over the world may finally have the chance to get their hands on the long awaited and highly anticipated Starcraft 2 beta. The beta, which was announced by Blizzard to be out (early) 2009 is coming ever closer. If you were lucky enough to attend Blizzcon, you were given a beta key. People who were not so fortunate are able to participate in different kinds of events such as Blizzard's Vespane Laughs contest to win a Starcraft 2 beta key.

Blizzard has set a date for their beta but are yet to actually announce it. There is, however, some more information on the current build of Starcraft 2 is in itself is mouth watering as well:
  • The multiplayer is essentially done, and is probably just undergoing bug fixing, balancing and polishing.
  • The Dark Pylon for Protoss is being introduced and there are two rumours dealing with how it works. One rumour is that rather then powering buildings it cloaks them and another suggestion is that is enables probes to mine quicker. We'll have to wait on official word to know which is true or if both are true.
  • Terran Supply Depots can be upgraded to provide an additional +2 supply individually.
  • The Terran Command Center is now able to build a larger SCV which is able to mine quicker.
If the these new Dark Pylons and larger SCVs do enable both teams to mine faster then it's safe to assume perhaps Zerg will have something unique which enables them a quicker method of gaining resources as well. This could have stemmed from discussion not unlike the mineral mechanic here on Gamereplays.org.