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d.Apollo interviews Idra!

By IpKaiFung - 24th September 2010 - 18:24 PM

d.Apollo Interviews Idra

After his antics in the Korean Global Starcraft 2 League. GameReplays.org and Team Dignitas member Shaun "d.Apollo" Clark took some time out to interview Greg "Idra" Fields.

Apollo: Hey Idra! Thanks for taking some time and sitting down with me to answer some of these questions that I know a lot of people are interested in hearing what you have to say! First of all, congratulations on finally finding a new home away from the Korean pro team CJ Entus! You are now a member of Evil Geniuses alongside esport super stars such as Grubby and Justin Wong, how does it feel to be apart of such a large non Korean professional team?

EG.IdrA: It's pretty incredible, EG is a great team overall that has been one of the best in so many different games, its really an honour to be a part of them. Also I'm really happy to be back in an American team along with a lot of my old team mates and friends.

Apollo: Being a part of Team EG, does this mean you are going to be training alongside their Starcraft2 division on the US server? I know that all the current professional teams in Korea such as Prime, OGS, TSL are practising amongst themselves which doesn't leave a lot of practice options for you on the Korean Server?

EG.IdrA: I've practised with some of the EG members since the beginning of SC2, though its difficult now as my latency on the NA server makes it almost unplayable. I expect that in the future I'll be able to practice with my new team mates a lot more.

: Lets now talk about your recent GSL performance. Your first game of the tournament in the round of 64 opened up the GSL as you played at the opening ceremony which looked like a fantastic event to be at. What was it like to be there for the GSLs opening, was it as electrifying and well received as it looked on the stream because it really did look amazing.

EG.IdrA: It was kind of mind boggling to be a part of such a big production, they had four kpop groups open for us and the rest of the show was really professional and well done as well. Lots of huge fire, smoke, lighting effects. I was at the ever2009 OSL finals and the GSL opening ceremony felt just as big and well done as that.

: You started off the tournament with a strong statement as you crushed JiTaeHunZenith with a comfortable 2-0 victory. On the first map, Xel Naga Caverns, you played a very passive style with Speedlings and Roaches against his Reaper opening, you held off any early pressure and defended against his small drops around the map and then when you decided to push out, your army was twice the size and you crushed it quite easily. What were your thoughts after winning the first game without much trouble.

EG.IdrA: Well he couldn't really make much happen with his reapers, allowed me to secure my economy easily and gave me a solid advantage. He played intelligently after that, trying to spread me out and get back into the game with harass, but my multitasking was better than his and I was just able to shut everything down and secure my advantage.

IPB Image
Shaun video-interviewing IdrA in July

Apollo: On the 2nd map, Desert Oasis, you had to play against a Medivac/Ghost/Nuke play, were you expecting this kind of style? You defended and countered it with Mutalisks and ended the game quite quickly.

EG.IdrA: Well he's famous for ghost drop openings, but normally he runs around killing queens and drones with snipe, so the nukes caught me really off guard. Luckily I saw it right away and was able to save my drones, so the nukes weren't all that effective. After that he tried to all in with Medivac and Marine drops so it was just a matter of defending until he ran out of steam.

Apollo: Lets talk about the series against LotzePrime. An extremely close series with you unfortunately losing 1-2, the first game, you figured out his play via the match history system on battle.net and you took the game down with great Roach and Speedling play. Obviously a game from the training ground which put you into a great position straight away in the series.

: The 1 gate expansion he played on blistering and meta is his standard Protoss v Zerg build, and I didn't know he'd follow it up with that quick warp gate pressure, so the match list information wasn't particularly helpful. His build gives a very powerful unexpected timing rush, but he had to sacrifice production to get that many units and an expansion before lair tech kicks in. This meant I just had to survive until I had roach speed and he pretty much fell apart, since he didn't have enough gateways or a robotics in time.

: In the second game on Lost Temple, you lost vs hidden Void Ray tech which caught you off guard as the match history system back fired on you and you pulled out as soon as you saw the Void Rays, what is your opinion on this strategy by LotzePrime, do you agree that the problem was with your scouting rather than him mind tricking you?

EG.IdrA: It was a massive risk on his part, I prepared both a roach and Mutalisk counter to the colossus all in I expected him to do. He made a fake robotics and then waited for 3 void rays off a proxy stargate with a zealot and a sentry behind a wall in. Unfortunately upon scouting his robotics I went with the roach opening as it was the safer build, only vulnerable to void rays.

Apollo: The last game on Metalopolis, what an epic game! The problem being that you did not have correct overlord placement around the map therefore you did not scout the hidden expansion at 6 o'clock giving Lotze the boost he needed to defend against your push with BroodLords and countering for the win. What are your thoughts on the game and the series?

EG.IdrA: It was a mistake on my part, lack of scouting, caused by how strong that mid game Protoss army is. Colossus' range and mobility allows Protoss to sit there poking at the Zerg army the entire game, and you can never punish them since you cant engage off creep and forcefields cut off your army anyway. This means Zerg is constantly having to react to Protoss' aggression, makes it very hard to do anything else.

IPB Image
Playing at the IEM Global Challenge gamescom - picture courtesy of Julia Christophers (ESL)

Apollo: There has been a lot of talk about the match history and how if effects games, we can clearly see this with your series against Lotze, can you give your solid opinion on the whole matter?

: I feel the same way as I did before the match, its an awful feature that absolutely needs to be removed. SC2 is a strategy game that relies in large part on denying your opponent information, trickery and mind games. The match lists turn everything into a silly guessing game. People may claim that the match lists just become a part of the mind games, but the match lists are not a part of the game, your preparation for a match is not supposed to be available for study by your opponent.

Apollo: What is next for you? What tournaments are you planning on entering, are there going to be any more international appearances or are you going to stay in Korea practising and preparing for the next GSL?

: I will be playing in the next MLG in Washington DC, there may be some other international events in the near future. Other than that I'll just be focusing on GSL.

Apollo: What are your thoughts on big names from Brood War transferring over into Starcraft2, JulyZerg announced he wants to compete in the next GSL, the legendary NaDa has also recently announced the same. Do you think more and more will start to transfer over and do you feel threatened in any way by these recent moves?

EG.IdrA: Originally I expected that any decent SC1 pro gamer to switch over would immediately dominate, but after seeing the performance of some SC1 pro gamers who have switched I am not particularly worried. Though if the likes of flash, jaedong, stork switched it would be a different story.

: Thank you sir for your time and best of luck in your future plans and I am looking forward to watching you play in the next GSL!! Do you have any last shout outs?

EG.IdrA: A big shout out to all of EG, I'm really happy to be part of such a great organization. I'd also like to thank Intel, SteelSeries, MSI Notebook, Kingston HyperX, and Bigfoot Networks for all their support!

The Original Interview hosted on Team Dignitas