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Tip of the Week #4 Terran Advanced Scouting Techniques

By Morphidia - 18th September 2010 - 11:49 AM

So you join a game, defend the first push brilliantly, have spot on micro, play the perfect game then BOOM! A giant wave of Carriers swoops over your brilliantly microed, perfectly macroed 200/200 army that cannot shoot air! Something wrong with this picture? Of course there is, you didn't scout!

We've all heard of the basic scouting with Workers, Overlords and Scans, but what about those less obvious ways? There are ways that let you see everything that is going on at any time you like, and here they are, in a handy Tip of the Week on Advanced scouting techniques for Terran.

The Raven

IPB Image
There's Danger in that-there symmetry.

The Raven costs 100 minerals and 200 gas and is built from a Starport with a Tech Lab attached. Often underrated, the Raven is perfect for your scouting purposes. It is an air unit to begin with which gives it a distinct advantage in being able to fly directly over the opponents base but has two specific abilities which really make it shine.

First is the ability to detect stealth. Well, you might say, that is great for defending but what about scouting? Having stealth detection on your scout immediately allows you to see if they have any invisible units hiding in their army. You might not see the Dark Shrine, but you'll definitely see the Dark Templar.

Second, It has the ability to deploy auto turrets. This is a great way of seeing into your enemy's base where you raven is too vulnerable, it can harass and it allows you to see their unit composition when they go to destroy it. For a mere 50 energy, it is often worth it.

Cloaked units

IPB Image
The Aggressive Observer.

Both the Banshee and the Ghost are perfect for infiltration and scouting once the cloak ability has been researched at the Starport's Tech Tab or the Ghost Academy respectively. Having an invisible scout in their base lets you see everything that is going on, and do some nice harassment to boot.

Detection radius
Even if they do have detection, their range will show up, allowing you to skirt the edge of their sight and get in anyway.

The delayed reaper

IPB Image
Even late to the party, very useful.

Usually you think of these guys as a one off early game harassment. However, later on, they can provide valuable scouting information because people don't expect reapers after the first few minutes of the game. If you go in with 3 or 4 you could even take out key structures like pylons and Add-Ons to delay any of the not so shocking surprises you just found in their base.


IPB Image
Recon doesn't have to be passive.

This commonly held harassment technique can also be a great tool when needing to scout a base. Just sending one or two units off into their base lets you see everything they have. The second great thing about this is the fact that to deter your drop, they have to show you their army, letting you see anything you might have missed.


As you can see, Terran scouting can be combined with a lot of different harassment techniques as well. This means that Terran can really bring on the pain by both harassing and countering what you scout at the same time! Terran really have the easiest time with scouting combined with the basic scan ability from an orbital command. I hope you learned something from this, and it stands you in good stead going into your next game!