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Tip of the Week #1 Introducing Smart Casting

By Dontom - 21st March 2010 - 19:35 PM

The updated UI in StarCraft 2 is no doubt a huge improvement on the original's, and once the controversy of this is stripped away, there is much to learn. Here is a short video introducing the mechanics of "Smart Casting".

Now, you may be thinking these are rarely useful in your games, but here is a shoutcast of a high level match between WhiteRa and Jinro, where the huge armies involved made knowledge of "Smart Casting" a key factor. What use is a large force if you can't utilise its abilites!

You are no doubt disgusted by my Commentating skills, but don't fear! Here are a few more replays we found scouring our Replays System, which showcase brilliant control of large armies, as well as being thoroughly entertaining!

I hope you learned something from the first StarCraft 2 Tip of the Week. You can discuss this tip, and ask any questions you may have in this thread. See you on the battlefield!