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Starcraft 2 Beta Key Competition - Best of the Rest

By Trojan. - 14th March 2010 - 13:38 PM

We already know the three top entries in our Beta Key Competition, but now it's time to give some limelight to the other fantastic creations entered into the competition.


An Ode to Starcraft 2 Beta Testing

Oh Gamereplays, my favorite site!
Without your tips, I could not fight!
And now I see you send a test!
Is this for real, or just in jest?

It's true! It's true! A test I see!
A test for one very special key!
What game's it for? What can it be?
Is it COH? Or C&C?

No! It's a game from days of yor!
A sequel whispered, lost in lore...
A game so mighty, bold and true!
It's a beta key for STARCRAFT 2!

Who would have guessed that all while,
That Blizzard still could run the mile,
Take the torch, and light the flame
And resurrect this epic game.

But it's been so long! And all i know,
Is COH both high and low.
Are the games the same? Are they alike?
Can I play the Brits? Or the German Reich?

No! This game appears brand new!
How does it work? I need a clue!
What are these factions? Races, things?
There's crazy aliens! Big, with wings!

A Mutalisk? My god! What's that?
The Ultralisk looks huge, and fat!
A zergling? What? Are they like Volks?
I'm lost here. Can you help me folks?

The Terrans...okay I kinda get it.
I think I saw something there on Reddit.
About a drug they take...called Stim?
Is this true? Take drugs on a whim?

Whoa! The Protoss! They're crazy cool!
The Dark Templar powers make me drool!
The Zealot? Hmmmm...what can that be?
Is it like Group Zeal from tier 3?

It's a unit, a fighter, strong and proud!
Able to fight through the zergling crowd.
The Stalker! What does that thing do?
It looks so awesome, grey and blue.

The Immortal, sounds like a tiger tank.
(I have the balance patch to thank)
Speaking of tanks, what is this "Thor"?
This game intrigues me more and more.

The Reaper, Hellion and the Ghost
It's clear my remaining free time is toast.
I cannot wait to get this key,
And play this game all day for free.

What's that you say? It's not truely "free"?
There's a job to do, a work-time fee.
It's not all play, it's not all fun,
There's bugs to fix and scripts to run.

That's way a Beta test thing works.
It's got it's chores (along with perks).
While true we get to play all day,
We've got to keep the bugs at bay!

Blizzard needs our help with this,
To find the things their dev's might miss.
To find the flaws, to fix the code,
To thoroughly test the multiplayer mode.

Well Gamereplays, I've got to say,
If you'll have me, I want to play!
I swear I'm up to this great task,
All you have to do is ask!

So in closing I see I'm out of time,
I'll end the poem, stop the rhyme.
And wait for my key, and surf your site.
Then sign off the web, and say good night.




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