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Starcraft Dictionary

By Mokon - 30th September 2007 - 00:09 AM

The staff here at Gamereplays have compiled a word definition and abbreviations dictionary for a variety of terms in the Starcraft Universe. If you ever wondered what it means when someone says nat or another talks about a 4-pool this is the place to find the definitions. If you are looking for a word that is not listed here, or if you know a word that we do not have listed be sure and notify our staff, and we will add it to the dictionary.

3/3 - Fully upgraded, as in 3 Attack upgrades/3 defense upgrades. Similarly, 1/1, 2/2, or even 3/3/3 for Protoss.

4-Pool - A rush where a Zerg player does not build any Drones before going for a Spawning pool. As soon as the spawning pool is up the Zerg players rushes the enemy.

All-In - An all-or-nothing strategy, where the player either wins off the play or fails it and falls far behind in the game. All-in rushes can include builds such as 4/5 Pool Zerg rush or a Terran MnM/Bunker/SCV rush.

BGH - Usually refers as the 'Big Game Hunters' map made by Blizzard from the existing map 'The Hunters', it is the first and only map made by Blizzard that has virtually unlimited resources.

The Bisu Build - A variation of the Sair/DT PvZ opening popularized by the Protoss player Bisu, the player would do a Forge first expand, skip Weapon upgrades first and take second gas early, followed by a simultaneous Stargate/Citadel tech into mass Corsairs, DT harass, followed by mass Gateway macro gameplay using the Corsairs and DTs to constantly pressure the Zerg.

Build Order - The sequence of building in the early game, this is the opening "instructions". Build orders are usually documented by Supply count + Building unit, so "9 Pool" would mean Spawning Pool at 9 Drones, 12 Hatch 11 Pool means a Hatchery at 12/18, and then a Spawning Pool at 11/18.

Cannon Rush - Going fast Forge, building a Pylon within range of your opponent's main or natural minerals and then warping Cannons inside the opponent's base (usually behind the mineral lines). This is commonly accompanied by more blocking Pylons so that enemy units can't get to the Cannons easily.

Cheese - An unconventional and unexpected strategy that is usually risky, but hopes to win by an element of surprise. It's "cheesy" as the player chooses not to play a standard game and opts to push the game in another direction. Cheese can be but does not need to be all-in, although failing a cheese opening usually puts the player behind in terms of economy. A common example of cheese would be various proxy builds.

Cliffing - dropping tanks on a cliff to attack the enemy from above, mainly their base.

Contain - Keeping the opponent pinned down in an area of the map and unable to expand to other locations, while the container is free to expand and take map control. To get out of a 'contain' is to "break" a 'contain.'

Doom Drop - Dropping a large number of units in the opponent's base.

Drop - To use the Dropship, Shuttle or Overlord to air-drop units.

DT Wall - Using one or several Dark Templar to hold position on a choke point, denying the enemy entry until he can bring detection

En Taro *insert name here* - In Honor of *Insert name here*. This term is widely used by Protoss to address their most revered heroes within the Protoss race, two of the important Protoss characters that was widely revered by the Protoss race was Adun and Tassadar. Thus this is why many Protoss people widely use the term "En Taro Adun/Tassadar" when they address to the player.

Expand - To take another resource node outside of your main base. Can be shortened to "expo". The nearest expansion site to your main base is often referred to as the "natural" or "nat" expansion, while expansions with no gas geysers are known as "mineral only" expansions. A "fast expand" is to sacrifice tech speed and early unit count for a stronger economy in the long run, and is commonly used in certain match-ups while very risky in others.

Gas the Opponent - To "gas" the opponent is to build your Assimilator/Refinery/Extractor over the opponent base's geyser so that he cannot get early gas. Protoss Probes are best equipped to do this. By gassing an opponent, you deny him tech and usually force him to play a different game from the conventional. Usually, a very fast scouting worker must be sent to be able to gas the opponent before he starts his own gas building. Depending on the situation, the player may choose to cancel the gas building or let it finish to delay the opponent further, but lose the minerals.

GG - An abbreviation that means good game. Said at the end of a game as a sign of good sportsmanship.

Gundam Rush/Push - an opening utilized by Terran employing 2 Factory build order with a single add-on leading to 4 Marines, 1 Tank, 1-2 Vultures with mines, and couple SCVs striking the Protoss base; strong vs fast Observers BO, and relatively weak vs. 2 Gateway BO.

Heavy Metal - When terran makes nothing but units from the factory. Vult, Gol, Tanks.

Hidden Tech - Protoss and Terran can hide their tech choices by making tech buildings in obscure and usually un-scouted areas in order to surprise the enemy. Zerg has a much harder time doing this as their creep limits their build space.

Hunters - Usually refers as the 'The Hunters' map, the hunters is also the precursor for the Big Game Hunters map

Joyo build - 2 Factories with add-ons (Vulture speed and mines upgrades), 2 Tanks -> Vultures + a couple of Marines.

Lurkerling - A mid-to-late game unit combination usually employed against Terran and sometimes Protoss, going Lurkers to contain with Zergling support. Usually joined by Defiler tech once Hive kicks in.

Manner Pylon - Trapping/slowing enemy workers by placing a Pylon in the enemy mineral line

Maynard - To "maynard" is to move your workers from a saturated mining site to a newly constructed one, so that the new expansion can start working right away (as only one worker can mine from one mineral patch anyway, it's not beneficial to have too many workers at one mining site either).

Mutaling - A mid-game unit combination harassing with Mutalisks in the air and Zerglings on the ground.

Muta Stack - Air units clump together if there is a unit in their control group that is out of the screen (or an area in the screen). By grouping Mutalisks with a far away Overlord, the Zerg player can easily keep the Mutalisks neatly stacked to spread out damage done to them while making sure all their shots can hit the same target resulting in kills.

nat - Natural, the expansion closest to your starting position. It is generally very easy to defend and allows for Fast Expansion's.

Nuke - A term on preparing a nuke missile at the Missile silo add-on at the command center and training a Ghost along with the cloak upgrade. Nukes are generally used either as a Harass weapon or a terror weapon against enemies since launching a nuke usually distract the player's attention to look for the red dot around the map and kill the ghost that works as a spotter on where the nuke will land.

Owned - To lose by a great margin

Probe Jump - Used to get past mineral walls with probes. This can either be done with 2 probes, one mining the patch and the other pushing past the first, or using 1 probe to build a pylon behind it while mining so that the pylon pushes the probe past the mineral wall. This can also be done with probes and a small unit.

Proxy - Short for proximity, this means you sneak a structure near the opponent's base and out of sight in an attempt to surprise him with something he will not expect you to have, or to apply heavy pressure early by shortening unit travel time to the opponent's base.

Push - To "push out" and gain ground with your units, usually with the aim of containing your opponent.

Pwned - To lose by a great margin [See Owned].

Pylon wall - Another variation of the wall-in that can be executed since Pylons are easily laid down anywhere. Many Pylons are warped in to block-off a choke, usually that of a new expansion so raids such as Vulture raids will be slowed down buying time for your army to defend the expansion.

Reaver Drop - Dropping Reavers on enemy supply lines to wipe out groups of workers.

Rush - A commonly-used but loosely defined term, rushes can mean either making an unusually early attack, or to rush to a high-tech unit in order to gain an advantage. Examples of the first could include builds like 9 Pool Speedlings rush, a proxy Gateway/Barracks rush, or even an SCV/Bunker/MnM rush while examples of the second could include a Dark Templar rush or a Carrier rush. Rushes do not need to be all-in, but usually puts the player at some kind of risk as a failed early rush puts the player behind in economy while a tech rush that gets spotted can be easily pressured.

Sair/DT - A PvZ opening, pumping Corsairs to Overlord hunt while using several Dark Templars to harass Zerg expansions that have no Overlord in them due to the Corsairs

Sair/Reaver - A PvZ strategy that deviates from the usual Zeal/Goon/Templar tech ground force, the Protoss player pumps Corsairs, Shuttles, Reavers and later Templar tech using Corsair + Disruption Web and Shuttle/Reaver micro to harass the Zerg. Considered an advanced strategy as it takes a heavy degree of multitasking and micro abilities.

Scout - This can refer to the Protoss Scout unit, but is more commonly used to mean scouting the opponent for information on his tech choices, unit count, expansion count, and position of army. Effective scouting allows for the player to make accurate decisions to counter the opponent's gameplay, and is a key component of any high-level game.

Shuttle/Reaver - A common combination, using Shuttles to make up for the horrible mobility of Reavers and drop/load the Reavers to minimize damage to the Reavers while damaging the enemy.

Silver's Monty Hall Build - Pioneered by the progamer Silver, this ZvT build takes advantage of Monty Hall's mineral lines to tech to Guardians incredibly quickly and support them with Hydralisks to overpower the Terran. Done with a proxy 12 Hatch at the opponent's center natural, either a 3rd hatch at own nat or pool first, sunken up the proxy hatch to prevent SCVs from mining it away, and then powering economy and abusing mineral wall defense to rush to Mutalisks and then to hive and Guardians with Hydra support.

Split - The act of sending all four of your starting workers to four different mineral patches. A fast and good split brings in the resources quicker in the early game.

Slow Drop - Researching drop tech before Overlord speed, and surprising the opponent with a much earlier-than-usual drop into his main. Best done in certain map positions, and somewhat risky if spotted.

Speedling Rush - An early attack with speedlings to hurt the opponent's economy. This is either through a very early pool + gas to get a group of speedlings at fast as possible at the cost of economy, relying on ling micro to disrupt the opponent. Alternatively, one could 3 hatch and pump lings to attack later with a large force of speedlings, once again at the cost of mid-game economy but less so than a 9 pool.

Storm Drop - Dropping High Templars on enemy supply lines and using Psionic Storm to wipe out groups of workers.

Swarm Push - Using Dark Swarms to force a Terran opponent back.

Temple - Usually refers as the 'Lost Temple' map made by Blizzard, it is still one of the most popular ladder map played by SC players.

Ultraling - A late game unit combination involving fully upgraded Ultralisks along with Cracklings. Ultralisks soak up damage and cause havoc, while Zerglings deal their insanely efficient DPS under Ultralisk cover.

Wall-In - Generally means to block off a choke point or a ramp with buildings to slow ground forces and scouts from breaking through. Terran is well-equipped to do this by blocking the choke/ramp with a combination of Supply Depots/Barracks to stop the scout, and then simply lifting off the Barracks and opening the way when the wall-in is no longer needed. To "wall-in" something can also mean to intentionally place buildings to block unit movement, either offensively to prevent reinforcements, or even accidentally when poor building placement leads to your own units being stuck and "walled in."

Zealot Bomb - Dropping Zealots onto Spider Mines and pulling the spider mines into the Terran formation to cause splash damage to Terran units.

Zealot Rush -Another popular rush attempted by Protoss players. It starts with a fast gateway and begins production of early zealots and sending them towards enemy bases, usually the common focus on zealot rushes are worker kill attempt such as SCV/Probes/Drones.

Zergling Rush - a popular rush attempt by Zerg race with going for a fast spawning pool and a 2nd Hatchery and attempts on overwhelm a enemy with zerglings in masses, very common in attempts on killing worker units such as SCV/Probes/Drones.


200/200 - Maxed supply cap.
arb - Arbiter
arb - arbiter
bats - firebats
BB - Usually refers as the 'Blood Bath' map made by Blizzard
BCs - Battlecruisers
cannon - Photon Cannon
car - carrier
CC - command center
CCMU - Cannot Create More Units
chobo - noob
core - Cybernetics Core
Crackling - Zergling with anabolic upgrade (Speed/Attack).
DA - dark archon
den - Hydralisk Den
DPS- damage per second
DT - Dark Templar
dweb - Disruption Web
evo - Evolution Chamber
fac - factory
FE - fast expansion (build a second CC very early)
gate - Gateway
gol - goliath
goon - Dragoon
gosu - pro
guard - Guardian
hasu - avg
hat/hatch - Hatchery
HT/temp - High Templar
hydra - Hydralisk
Ling - zergling
ling - Zergling
ling - Zergling
Lots - Zealots
LT - Lost Temple
MC - mind control
mm - marines and medics
MMF - Marines Medics Firebats
MnMs - marines and medics
muta - mutalisk
muta - Mutalisk
obs - observe/Observer
OL/ovy/Ovies - Overlords
pool - Spawning Pool
port - starport
river - reaver
robo - Robotics Facility
sair - Corsair
Sair -- corsair
speedling - Zergling with speed upgrade
speedlot - zealot with leg upgrade
spore - Spore Colony
Stim - Stim Picks
storm - Psionic Storm
stormer - high templar
sunk/sunken - Sunken Colony
swarm - Dark Swarm
ultra - Ultralisk
Ultraling - zerglings and ultralisks
UMS - Use Map Settings
Valks - Valkyries
vult - vulture
Z - Zealot
zeal - Zealot
Zeal - zealots
zlots - Zealots