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DeMusliM's Marine Hellion Timing

Wednesday, 9 May 2012
I take pride in playing a standard macro Terran style as I think it takes so much more understanding, skill, patience and dedication than learning one or two timing attacks that either win or they don't. Unfortunately this has resulted in me picking up "standard" and "macro player" labels - when...
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The Mechanics of Minerals in Starcraft 2

Monday, 20 Jun 2011
While it's common knowledge that the saturation point of a blue mineral field is 24 workers, and that gold minerals are more valuable than blue minerals, it's not quite that simple. There are some factors to take into account when deciding if you want that blue expansion or that gold expansion....
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Tip of the Week #12: Now We're Talking Siege Tanks

Sunday, 3 Apr 2011
This week TopStarcraft has some tips to share about Siege Tank usage!Introduction:Hey there everybody, TopStarcraft here to help all you Terran players out with one of our best units: the Siege Tank. I do a lot of mentoring and there seems to be a common fear of using Siege Tanks in any match-up....
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Tip of the Week #11: Marine Marauder Drops

Sunday, 27 Feb 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Ampersand is reminding all you Terran players to be more aggressive with MM drops. Check out his quick tips.Marine Marauder DropsMarines, Marauders, and Medivacs make up one of the most basic, yet versatile and powerful unit compositions for the Terran player. This...
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Tip of the Week #10: PvZ Harassing a "Late Gas" Zerg

Sunday, 6 Feb 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen, this week darkstormmm has shared with us tips for pressuring a hatch-first Zerg! Read on.PvZ: Harassing a "Late Gas" Zerg14/15 Hatch is generally not a safe opening for a Zerg player, as it is hard countered by Protoss Forge-first openings. However on 4 player maps in far...
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How Weapon and Armor Upgrades Work

Thursday, 20 Jan 2011
How weapon and armor upgrades workEach race in StarCraft 2 can upgrade their units’ offensive and defensive capabilities by researching upgrades from their upgrade buildings:TerranEngineering Bay: Offensive and defensive upgrades for Terran infantryArmory: Offensive and defensive upgrades...
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Blue Flame Expand - ServaNt's TvZ Build

Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011
My name is ServaNt, and I decided to do something to give back to the community. Here is a build order Strategy Guide for TvZ, the Blue Flame Expand. I am currently in Team Serious Gaming and I am ranked at approximately 3,400 points on the European ladder. I have had reasonable success in...
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Tip of the week #9 add-on swapping

Sunday, 2 Jan 2011
Ladies and Gentlemen, this week Ampersand has puzzled with the Terran add-ons. Read what he has put together.Add-on SwapThe Terran unit production system has a unique aspect not found in any of the other race: add-ons. The Tech Lab and Reactor are support structures that unlock higher-tech units...
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Double Trouble: An Introduction to 2v2 in StarCraft 2

Saturday, 25 Dec 2010
Happy Holidays Star2.org! Our present to you is this Feature on Teamgames in StarCraft 2. Why play 2v2? Because itís fun. Itís social. Itís different. Itís good if youíre stressed out playing 1v1 ladder games and want to keep playing. While the fundamentals of the game donít change completely...
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TotW #8 Infested Terrans

Friday, 17 Dec 2010
Ladies and Gentlemen, in this weeks "tip of the week" Captain Obvious gets deep with the infested Terrans, want to know what Zerg does to your infested buddies? Time to find out..Many people far and wide claim Terran is overpowered or at least on an advantage, many top players are Terran and many...