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StarCraft 2

PPPPvTPPP (4v4 Strat: Mass Blink All-In)

Protoss MaiAreS n/a 71
Protoss PrayerKnight n/a 33
Terran BATTLESTAR n/a 30
Protoss USSMidway n/a 45
Protoss Splatter n/a 32
Protoss Hybrid n/a 72
Protoss ATHEOTES n/a 50
Protoss Sindrolik n/a 96
#1ATHEOTES  Nov 10 2013, 22:56 PM -
Replays: 191
This was really cool because we all did it. Unfortunately, the other team was not really making many units, but it was fun anyway. We quickly won, but not before smashing up pretty much everything in their bases. Enjoy the carnage!
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